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‪War of Ponzi Scheme : As MMM Nigeria on the Brink of Crash, NNN Nigeria & Get Help Worldwide Gains an Entrance into Nigeria Market ‬

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‪War of Ponzi Scheme : As MMM Nigeria on the Brink of Crash, NNN Nigeria & Get Help Worldwide Gains an Entrance into Nigeria Market ‬


The year 2016, has been an interesting and difficult year among Nigerians, the year has seen Nigerian facing the reality of unstable crash of dollar in the parallel market against the Interbank Market, the economy going deeper into decline, continues crash and rising of oil price in the international market and many other unfavorable policy has led Nigerian looking for various alternative route to earn money for their living — the major route Nigerians find themselves is the Ponzi Scheme of MMM Nigeria, I Charity, and others.

It’s no more news that MMM Nigeria are currently on payment pause mood for one month, according to what the Mavros members are calling it. Despite several warning messages from Nigeria authorities, financial agency institutions and media at large, over 3 millions Nigerians invested in the scheme that’s on the brink of crash. ‬

‪Though founder of the Ponzi Scheme has written an open letter to Nigeria authorities not to shut down the scheme that are more of help among Nigerians down that government itself, the founder also goes further as written another open letter whereby he lashes out to Nigeria journalists and media at large for written negative stories toward the scheme. ‬


MMM Nigeria (Ventures Africa )

As Nigerians are currently on panic mood for the he crash of MMM Nigeria, new Ponzi and Peer-to-Peer scheme NNN Nigeria and Get Help Worldwide has gained an entrance into Nigeria market. With just 2 weeks that MMM Nigeria, announced the freezing of its members payout for the month of December, NNN Nigeria has ripe off MMM Nigeria strategy by being the latest copy cat of the Russia Ponzi scheme. ‬

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‪The scheme domain name and hosting was registered as ” Anonymous ” just MMM and also they are currently running on the Cool Naira strategy of MMM.‬

NNN Nigeria

‪In the NNN Nigeria community they gives and also receives help, they have Navros which is conventional unit of measuring help of each participants provided just like MMM’s Mavros. Their own is quite different from that of MMM because they promised 35% returns on their members investment which started from 5,000 to 1,000,000 naira and its will be their for period of 21 days. ‬

NNN Nigeria 00

‪Another scheme that’s gradually gaining much more presence among Nigerians is Get Help Worldwide, they promise 30% in local currency and 50% in Bitcoin currency for period of 30 days, and they also promises check and balance deficiency that’s lacking in the MMM Nigeria scheme.

get help worldwide

Get Help Worldwide is one of the world’s most organized mutual aid/crowd funding/donation exchange/social financial platform, a programmed set to last forever with innovative features. ‬

get help worldwide

‪As the war of Ponzi Scheme continue to grow in Nigeria, at GY Online NG we keep our fingers cross as the issue unfold among Nigerians.

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