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5 Essential Tips For A Newbie Long Distance Traveller

Long Distance Traveller


5 Essential Tips For A Newbie Long Distance Traveller

It can be very daunting if you are traveling to a long distant destination where you have never been to or you do not know anyone. For example, traveling from Lagos to Kano for the first time is not something that people look forward to. You do not have to worry. Just relax and read these tips shared by Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency. It will make traveling long distance for the first time quite exciting and interesting.

Don’t be scared

You do not have to be scared. That is the first rule. Be positive and forget about all the stories you have heard. Being afraid will only stop you from traveling. Ditch your fears and enjoy your trip.

Pack two or three days before

If you do not want anxiety to kill you even before you step out of your home, you should pack two or three days before This will ensure that on the day you are traveling, you only need to grab your luggage. In addition, do not forget anything and try much as possible to pack light.


5 Essential Tips For A Newbie Long Distance Traveller

Keep valuables 

Your valuables are very important. Hence, keep them very well so that it will not be stolen. For money, only have your pocket money in your wallet and put the others away.

Get an original power bank

Certainly, your phone may run out of battery and you need to charge it. You should buy an original power bank. Please, do not buy those cheap and fake power banks at the park.

Have a plan B 

You should always have a plan B especially if you are traveling long distance. For example, if you are staying with a friend at Obudu in Calabar, you may not entirely rely on him. Search for hotels in Obudu you can book so that if he disappoints you, you can quickly book the hotel. Having a plan B will prevent you from being stranded.



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