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Abuja’s MMM Participant who lost N750k Dies 3 Months to his Wedding after Drinking Insecticide



Abuja’s MMM Participant who lost N750k Dies 3 Months to his Wedding after Drinking Insecticide


Abuja’s MMM Participant who lost N750k Dies 3 Months to his Wedding after Drinking Insecticide

A Benue born indigene goes by the name Ada Kole, who took insecticide when he heard that Ponzi Scheme/Cash Lifting Scheme Mavrodi Mundial Moneybox (MMM) has frozen its participants accounts.

The deceased, Ada Kole, reportedly put N750,000 he was planning to use for his wedding, into the scheme in November, expecting to get 30 percent increase by December.

Unfortunately, withdrawals were frozen on December 13th 2016.

Kole, who postponed his wedding from December 2016 to May 2017, had earlier spoken of his predicament during a phone-in radio programme in Abuja last December where he admitted making profits from the scheme before it crashed.

“I came to Abuja from Benue few months back in preparation for my wedding and my friend introduced me to the MMM thing. He told me about the benefit involved, though I was a bit hesitant about it but he succeeded in convincing me to register under him.

To be honest, I initially invested N20,000 into the scheme and I got 30 per cent the following month. The following month, I did N50,000 and I still got 30 per cent commission and my full investment back.

This time, I believed it was real and I decided to increase my investment. Before then, my fiancée had warned me against it. So I went to my cooperative to obtain a loan and they gladly gave, thinking it was for my wedding.

I put in N750k last month (November, 2016) hoping it would yield 30 per cent income this month (December) only to wake up one morning to discover that my account has been suspended.

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To be sincere, the best option I had then was to take my life, because I didn’t know how I was to face my woman. I didn’t even know when I took the insecticide,” Kole had said.

According to a family source, Kole who lives in Kubwa, a satellite town in the Federal Capital Territory, passed away after suffering from stomach complications as a result of the poison.

“Kole died yesterday (Monday) evening and his body has been deposited in a mortuary. He died from the complications he suffered from the poison he took last year. He had a terrible stomach ache and was rushed to the hospital where he died,” the source said.

When asked if the deceased was paid before his demise, the source said:

“No, he was not paid. In fact, he threatened to arrest his guider before the stomach upset returned last week and we rushed him to the hospital where he finally died.”

Source: PUNCH

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