Beef with End ! Music Producer Sarz Slam Wizkid Over Ego’s Attitude

Beef with End ! Music Producer Sarz Slam Wizkid Over Ego’s Attitude

Music producer Sarz lambaste Wizkid
Music producer Sarz lambaste Wizkid

Gradually pop star Wizkid, is losing few of his longtime friends and people who really contribute their creativity for his music career.

It come to our notice that pop star Wizkid, is not in good terms with some people in industry. Over the past few weeks, he has been facing various allegations ranging from bad attitude to being proud.

If you can recall back, he had strings of beefs with other artistes industry which include Davido, female singer Saeon, and his ex-producer Samklef.

The latest top industry player that has voice out his annoyance and displeasure with the pop star saying ‘I don’t have his time anymore’. This is coming from the popular music Producer Sarz.

Music producer Sarz alongside with Samklef, are music producer that laced beat for Wizkid, in his early days of his career.

Osabuohien Osaretin known as Sarz is the popular music producer who is responsible for the production of countless hit singles by Wizkid, the Edo state born music producer is responsible for songs like ‘samba’, ‘Jaiye Jaiye’, and several others.

So here’s what led to their fall out. There’s been a cold war between both parties when Wizkid began to work more with other producers like Legendury Beatz and MaleekBerry, and it got worse when Saeon’s ex-manager Alex Adegbenro while narrating his version of the Saeon and Wizkid saga said, ‘And I remember he gave us a list of producers he could work with, he said it was either, Samklef, Sarz or Maleek Berry and we picked Sarz and then when he heard the beat Sarz made, he didn’t like it, so he called Sarz and was like ‘dude, you know my new sound, why do you keep making beats like this. So we went back the second time and Maleek Berry just laced a beat and the song happened like a freestyle’.

Sarz didn’t take this likely. Earlier in the week, a twitter interview was organised and Sarz was asked if he still produce beats for Wizkid’, and his reply was, ‘No Lol, I don’t have his time anymore’. Probing further, someone else asked, ‘but you produced his hennesy artistry song?’ and Sarz replied saying, ‘Because 2baba begged me’. When asked what Wizkid really did to him, Sarz said, ‘Hmmnn so much I can’t say it all’. When a fan hinted that both stars would still work together in future, Sarz said, ‘he will have to beg me because it was painful’.

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