Bye Bye Beats Music: Apple Shut Down Beats Music for Apple Music

Bye Bye Beats Music: Apple Shut Down Beats Music for Apple Music


Apple Beat by Dre

Tech giant Apple Inc, on Thursday, announced that they are going to shut down Beats Music service, they also reveal to general public that they will cancel all subscription come November 30th, 2015.

The public announcement also indicates that all Beats Music users who make the switch to Apple Music will have the opportunity of the first free 3 month trial as the rest of other users enjoyed, as well as their preferences ported over from Beats.

Seamless transition

According to Apple‘s statement on its official website, it says that Apple Music have all the same features that Beats Music have before, with supposed improved recommendation; Connect, iTunes support, deep iOS integration and more.

In May 2014, Apple announced the acquisition of Beats by Dre electronic for a whopping prize of $3 billion, though up till date we are not sure of the purchase for the Apple brand.

According to Tech Cabal, report say that;

Now things are a lot clearer, as Beats Music’s intelligent recommendation engine formed the foundation of Apple Music, the hardware is now featured on the Apple Store as peripherals for Apple devices, (some even sporting Apple’s proprietary lightning port), and even the former executives, Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine and Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, were instrumental in negotiating new deals with the labels which had deals with Beats Music.

This move comes just after the Android version was released (which, for the record, I think looks better than the iOS iteration) as a beta. It will be interesting to see what native Android users think about Apple’s first proper foray into their ecosystem.

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