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Choc Boi Re- Activate: Chocolate City Releases Compilation Album ”The Indestructible Choc Boi Nation ”

Chocolate City Releases Compilation Album ''The Indestructible Choc Boi Nation ''
Chocolate City Releases Compilation Album ”The Indestructible Choc Boi Nation ”

Finally Choc Boi Re-Activate.

After putting finishing touch to the re-union maverick producer and rapper Jesse Jagz, back to the label and also the merger of MI Abaga‘s Loppy Music label to the Chocolate City family.

One of the biggest music power house in Africa and Nigeria Chocolate City has released the complied album to celebrate the reunion of Jesse Jagz and lucrative merger move of Loppy Music.

The titled of the complied album is called ” The Indestructible Choc Boi Nation ” and it features acts under the label such as MI, Ice Prince, Jesse Jagz, Nosa, Ruby Gyang, Victoria Kimani, Pryse, DJ Lambo, DJ Caise, Loose Kaynon , Dice Ailes, Milli and Koker.

The titled of the complied album features all the all-star Chocolate CityLoopy Music roster and related artistes and has been released this week for free, streaming exclusively on Star Music App.

Speaking exclusively to Star Music, M.I. said, “We are very proud and excited to enter this new chapter in our individual and collective careers and are particularly delighted to partner with the premier Nigerian music mobile and web platform to bring the music to our fans. We have so much good music for our fans and we are eager to explore this avenue for reaching them.”

M.I. also confirmed that a general release of the album will then follow two weeks after its exclusive release on the app.

See the full album track list below:

Chocolate City Compilation Album 00

1.     Summertime – MI, Ice Prince & Jesse Jagz. With additional vocals from Loose Kaynon. Produced by Jesse Jagz & Reinhard.

2.     Do Something – Koker. With additional vocals by Nosa. Produced by Reinhard, L37 with additional production from TMXO.

3.     Drank – DJ Lambo, Milli & Dice Ailes. Produced by Reinhard.

4.     Bass – Ice Prince & Koker. Produced by Reinhard.

5.     Oh No No – Dice Ailes. Produced by Tunday.

6.     Go Hard – Loose Kaynon, Milli & Ice Prince. Produced by Reinhard.

7.     Ricochet – Pryse. Produced by Teck Zilla

8.     Loving You – Victoria Kimani & Ice Prince. Produced by L37.

9.     Love Is Calling – Nosa. Produced by Nosa.

10.  Loose Soul – Ruby & DJ Caise. Produced by DJ Caise and Reinhard.

11.   No More – Ruby & Jesse Jagz with additional vocals from Debbie Romeo. Produced by Reinhard and Jesse Jagz.

12.  Heartfelt – Milli & Koker. Produced by Reinhard.

13.  3 Mainland Bridge – MI & Moti Cakes. Produced by Ckay.

14.  Suite 99 – Jesse Jagz & Ice Prince. Produced by Jesse Jagz & L37.

15. Restoration – Jesse Jagz, MI & Milli. Produced by Jesse Jagz.

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