Davido and Hushpuppi Settles Rift Fight of Who’s Richer Brag on Social...

Davido and Hushpuppi Settles Rift Fight of Who’s Richer Brag on Social Media

Davido and HushPuppi 02
Davido and HushPuppi
Davido and Hushpuppi Settles Rift Fight of Who’s Richer Brag on Social Media

Over the past few days, Nigerian pop star Davido and Malaysian-Nigerian ” Big Boy ” Hushpuppi are battling on social media base on who’s richer between both of them.

The feud between Davido and Hushpuppi started when the social media sensational Hushpuppi said that he spent 11m Naira partying at popular Lagos night club Quilox and further threw shade at Davido, saying that he’s wealthier, more hardworking and isn’t living off his father’s money.

However, Davido quickly respond by providing proof that he spent over a 130M Naira in transactions just in the month of December, and also advised Hushpuppi to leave Nigeria immediately as he was going to “oppress” him.

Davido and HushPuppi 00
Davido and HushPuppi have settled their beef

As at the time of writing this report, both of them have reconciled as this video of them hugging each other and laughing was posted by a certain peacemaker named Buruji on Instagram.

– No more fighting: Buruji settles the rift between Davido and Hushpuppiso – #regrann

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