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Who The Fuck Is CKay
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Developing Story : Rising Star CKay Rides on the Free Publicity of ” Who The Fu**k Is CKay ” Hullabalu, As He Releases ” Who The Fu**k Is CKay ” EP

After un-accepted opinion piece by fan, Twitter rants that led to the Greatest Podcast You Ever Do with M.I, Loose Kaynoon and the Loose Talk Podcast hosts Osagie Alonge & Ayomide Tayo, which is full of manipulations tricks, egocentric behaviors, mash-up of insults, attempt to control narrative, disrespectful attitudes and finally the controversial comment ” Who The F** is CKay ” by Osagz.

The heat-headed interactive chat that the Chocolate City Music boss M.I had on the Loose Talk Podcast, which was posted online on Monday, set the Nigeria’s social cyber space on fire throughout this week, while highlight of the Podcast was when Osagie asked the head-turning question that made M.I almost lose his cool: “Who the f*** is Ckay?”.

However, the alleged controversial viral Podcast sees M.I went on defensive mood, while Osagz himself responded that he don’t really mean the context like that and he’s also ” Sorry “ for cussing his leadership at the label.

Who The Fuck Is CKay 00
Developing Story : Rising Star CKay Rides on the Free Publicity of ” Who The Fu**k Is CKay ” Hullabalu, As He Releases ” Who The Fu**k Is CKay ” EP

Nigeria’s social media space has gone frenzy on the statement with several memes being created on it. While also the internet has divided sentiment on the comment, asking that burning questions and finally CKay himself was revealed to general public.

Who is CKay?

The official Twitter account of Choc Boi Nation introduce CKay once again to the world. Ckay is a producer for one of Africa’s biggest music and entertainment company; Chocolate City Music. He left his home at the age of 17 to chase his dreams of becoming a musician.Ckay

The alleged disrespected Chocolate City Music artist & budding music producer Ckay tap into the momentum of the ” Who The F**k is CKay “ saga by first changing his social media Avatar to the hullabalu comment, further engaging with fans and finally releases his own playlist titled ” Who The F**k is CKay “.

The rising star has also used the opportunity of doing interviews with several media houses, and even goes far of releasing an acoustic version of his previously released singles ‘Gaddemit’ and ‘Nkechi Turn Up’. As part tapping in the momentum of the controversial comment, he released 6-track EP via Soundcloud, which features guests such as Dice Ailes and Bella Alubo, with production from himself and Tempoe..

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