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Goodluck Jonathan
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Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan Reveals Why He Did Not Declare His Asset Publicly

Former Nigeria President, Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has revealed why he did not buy into view of declaring of asset. The ex-Nigeria President said the reason why he did not declare his asset because it’s not the right for him to do as President.

The Bayelsa born politician Goodluck Jonathan made this known in a book titled: Against The Run Of Play, written by renowned journalist Olusegun Adeniyi. In that book, Jonathan said that he did not want to declare his assets publicly when he was Vice-President, adding that President Yar’Adua asked him to do it.

The former President also said that the public declaration of his assets will not reduce corruption.

Goodluck Jonathan
Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan Reveals Why He Did Not Declare His Asset Publicly

He said “It is not the President declaring his assets that will end Boko Haram and whether I am criticised from head to toe I will not declare my assets publicly; it is not right; I did not even want to declare my assets as VP but was forced by the then President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua.

“The law is clear. A public officer should declare his asset, and if there are issues, then the relevant agencies would have a basis to assess whether you have amassed wealth or not.

Jonathan who was under pressure to make public his assets in the spirit of the anti-corruption war, was quoted as saying, “I don’t give a damn about it. The law is clear about it and so, making it public is not issue and I will not play into the hands of people. I have nothing to hide.

“I declared under Yar Ádua because he did it, but it is not proper; it is not the president declaring assets that will change the country.”

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