Grammys 2017: All What Need to Know About 2017 Grammy Awards

Grammys 2017: All What Need to Know About 2017 Grammy Awards

Drake and Kanye West

In less down 24-hours now, over 300 millions of music lovers are anticipating for the biggest music award show — Grammy Awards 2017.

Grammy is arguably the biggest musical event for now, and there’s being lot of intrigues and excitements already hanging in the air.

Grammys 2017: All What Need to Know About 2017 Grammy Awards 

When is it holding

The 59th annual Grammy awards is coming alive tomorrow night (Sunday Feb. 12).

Who’s performing?

Adele, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry and Alicia Keys. It has been reported that Beyoncé, who has recently announced she is pregnant, is planning to perform too.

Adele and Beyonce

Others are John Legend, Metallica, Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban.

Oh, nearly forgot to mention Lady Gaga. That last Sunday’s super bowl performance couldn’t just be ignored.

Quite many. Please refer to full list of nominees for the 2016 Grammy Awards to see it all.

10 (Ten) Categories To Watch Out For at the Grammys 2017

Who’s not going

The likes of Kanye West, Drake and Justin Bieber are reportedly planning to snub the awards entirely, citing their objections over the “relevance” over this year’s nominees.

Who’s hosting?

For the first time, late-night funnyman James Corden will take the stage as host of the Grammys.

Corden, 38, will likely try to keep the tone of the night light, but don’t expect to see his famous Carpool Karaoke segments reimagined for the show.

“They take so long to film, they take a long time to edit, and there’s never been one that’s been shorter than six minutes,” Corden told PEOPLE, “so there just really isn’t the time!”

Isookai. Issorai. Is tomorrow!


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