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GY Chat With Jeduthun : Rising Gospel Singer Jeduthun Speaks on Why She Venture into Gospel Music Professionally, How Her Music Will Influences Others, Her Debut Album and Many Other


GY Chat With Jeduthun : Rising Gospel Singer Jeduthun Speaks on Why She Venture into Gospel Music Professionally, How Her Music Will Influences Others, Her Debut Album and Many Other

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After success from her official debut single ” You Walk with Me ” off her forthcoming debut album ” His Songs in My Heart ”, I had an exclusive chat with rising gospel singer Jeduthun, where she speaks on her decision to venture into gospel music professionally, how her music will influences others, her debut album and several other.


GY: Can we meet you?

Jeduthun: My name is Rebecca also known as Jeduhtun, I was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. I am the first child and only daughter of my family (chuckles).
GY:Educational background?
Jeduthun:  I have my first and second degree in Political Science and
International Relations, respectively.

GY: What influenced your decision to sing Gospel Music?
Jeduthun: Definitely my strong confidence in Christ. He is worthy of honor in my music.

GY: It’s not that God called you?
Jeduthun: Well, I just know I really love God, I love music, and I love to worship God. That’s what propels me.

GY: OK. How do you think your music will influence others?
Jeduthun: I believe it will inspire them to worship God and that’s my goal: that people be lifted in spirit and inspired to worship God

GY: At the early stage of pursuing your music career professionally,
what steps did you take to make it a reality?
Jeduthun: Ermmm…..Can I say that I really did anything? Well, I prayed about it first, and I put some things together financially, sought advice and guidance, and went for it.

GY: So, when exactly did you discover your passion for music?
Jeduthun: I think I was born with it (chuckles) I just have always
loved music from a very early age, I can’t remember how long ago. I
was always the “boombox” of my house

GY: How did your parents react to the idea of you pursuing music?
Jeduthun: My parents are supportive. They only preferred I pursued my education first, which I did.
GY: Growing up, who were your biggest influences when it comes to music?
Jeduthun: I listen to a lot of different Gospel Music ministers like Mama Bola Are, Shirley Ceaser,Yolanda Adams, Nicole C. Mullen, more recent is Sinach, and so many more. They’ve been a blessing to me in many ways.

GY: Very soon your album will be out, what is your favorite track from
the album?
Jeduthun: I don’t have any particular favorite track from the album.
I like every song on the album.

GY: In recent years, several gospel artists try to balance between gospel music with inspirational music, in other to attract wider audiences. What is your view and are we expecting anything from you very soon.
Jeduthun: Am not sure yet because I’m not working on anything
“non-gospel inspirational” right now. I believe in music that glorifies God, and as an artist
you should certainly express your God-given gifts, for His glory.
GY: In short could we categorize the inspirational songs as gospel? Don’t you think it will compromise the message of God? Because in the past, old-time musicians gave us songs that glorified God.
Jeduthun: I don’t think it will compromise the message of God.
GY: Apparently last year, secular singer Korede Bello performed his hit song ‘’ Godwin ‘’ more than 2 times in church. Is it cool?
Jeduthun: hmmm, tho a point can be made that the song glorifies God in its own way, the goal and aim of the church-which is to be “the light of the world,”  still should not be lost in the pursuit to remain current and relevant.

GY: It a pleasure having a chat with you.
Jeduthun: You’re welcome.



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