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#GYEventReport : FOGMMON Unite Gospel Music Industry in Ibadan

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#GYEventReport : FOGMMON Unite Gospel Music Industry in Ibadan

On Sunday afternoon, I received a call from one of my aunties, saying that I should follow her to the inauguration of the Fellowship of Gospel Music Ministers of Nigeria (FOGMMON) the Oyo-State chapter, I didn’t have a choice than to oblige to her request.

She told me that I should hook up with her at Mile 110 Roundabout Junction, off Abeokuta Road, Ibadan. Though, I was late for the hook up and we all laughed the lateness off. In less than 25 minutes drive, we were at the venue of the event. I was very happy and pleased seeing gospel ministers coming together to unite the divided house.

As we all entered the main venue, the red carpet had already began and to my surprise was sensational photographer Oluwatosin Photography on the spot doing what he loves doing most. According to my findings he’s not the official photographer for the event, Olere Photography was supposed to be the official photographer for the show, but he was absent for the show due to one thing or the other. Though speculations has it that Olere Photography snubbed this event for the Peteru Unleashed Concert that held at Mauve 21 Event Center.

After few minutes, the main event begins with Caxton-Martins and Folakemi Mighty being introduced as host of the event. The hosts welcomed everybody to the inauguration ceremony of FOGMMON Oyo-State Chapter. The show proper began with a wonderful performance from the FOGMMON music team, who ushered us into the realm of the Holy Spirit with some moment to dance away our sorrow. The FOGMMON Music team was called on stage once again, but this time around they were called to deliver the FOGMMON anthem, which followed by a little joke from hosts and the FOGMMON music team re-rendered the anthem again.

For few minutes, the hosts explained the meaning and purpose of FOGMMON in Oyo-State to us. Next was spiritual bible reading which was led by Evangelist Akinsepe followed by Hymn rendition.

The host introduced music director and producer to Tim Godfrey, SMJ and the FOGMMON music team comes on stage. As SMJ mounted the stage,the impression l saw on people’s faces was, who’s this young guy that shares the same hair style with that secular musician Olamide, people started to cast him but in a short period of time the attention on his hair style was moved to the electrifying and well-coordinated performance he and the FOGMMON music team put together. In fact it was a memorable performance from him, to the extent that people started to say that his boss Tim Godfrey needs to watch and see what his boy is doing in Ibadan.

Once again, Caxton-Martins and Folakemi Mighty acknowledged the well deserved performance from SMJ and the FOGMMON music team. Next on the stage was renowned Gospel minister Moji Alawiye, who was called on stage for short presentation on what FOGMMON stands for and the way forward for the gospel music industry.

The major drama of the day was when Caxton-Martins introduced YemyTPX and his Naija go smile team as the next artist to perform on stage but protocol stopped that performance as Moji Alawiye came on stage to introduce FOGMMON national president on stage, Pastor Asu Ekiye went on to discuss what brought the idea of FOGMMON in Nigeria. He continued to discuss that the purpose of the FOGMMON was to unite the divided house of the gospel ministers. After spending over 30 minutes on stage, Folakemi Mighty once again, introduced Yemy TPX on stage, and to everybody’s surprise, Moji Alawiye once again came on stage to introduce the representative of the CAN president on stage who turned up the atmosphere into revival arena. The representatives of CAN president shared with us that CAN president had it in mind to come down for this Inauguration ceremony, but he could not make it due to his special meeting with USA ambassador to Nigeria in Abuja.

FOGMMON Committee Members in Oyo-State

Now this is my question…was the performance of Yemy TPX forgotten or deliberately swept under the carpet? The national chairman of FOGMMON comes on stage to introduce the key members of the FOGMMON for the Oyo-State chapter. After that a short discussion on how late Ben Idahosa has impacted people into the kingdom of God with wealth of knowledge and his financial resource and Madam Alawiye asks the pastors and gospel ministers to carry everybody along on how to make money than just giving them token change that might tempt them to move into secular world.

On a closing note,there was an all-star performance from Ibironke, Moji Alawiye, Goke Bajowa and others. Then I move outside to catch up with my people for my house trip. It was indeed an interesting outing for me yesterday, though I didn’t want to go but I enjoyed myself with those worship & praise sessions.

Thanks for Reading.

Photo Credit : Oluwatosin Photography 

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