#HallelujahChallenge : Nathaniel Bassey Survives Ghastly Car Accident

#HallelujahChallenge : Nathaniel Bassey Survives Ghastly Car Accident

Nathaniel Bassey escaped ghastly car accident

The pioneer of viral #HallelujahChallenge that’s trending on social media over the past 3 weeks, Nathaniel Bassey survives ghastly car accident after coming home from the last Hallelujah praise Challenge on June 28th, which took place at the glitz event centre, Lagos.

Nathaniel Bassey
#HallelujahChallenge : Nathaniel Bassey Survives Ghastly Car Accident

Nathaniel Bassey took to his Instagram page to thank God after surviving an accident. According to him, he was on his home back with friends when a car ran into them from behind. He wrote….

Thank You Jesus! We cancel that appointment with death. #####Good morning,I just want to use this opportunity to thank God and share my testimony with you.On the 28th of June I was on my way home from the last halleluyah praise challenge night which took place at the glitz event centre,I was inside a car and another car ran into us just at the lekki 3rd round about (ikate) and my car somersaulted inside the roundabout. People were scared that we were dead.The only thing I remembered saying last was the Blood of Jesus.I and the driver came out alive without a single scratch.The most amazing thing is that this happened two days to my birthday. I just want to bless God because the devil failed.He is the olowogbogboro indeed and I bless his name. Olowogbogboro🙏🏻olowogbogboro🙏🏻Anonymous.

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