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How Hip-Hop Mogul and Drake’s Mentor J.Prince Put An End to Drake’s Beef Fight With Pusha T

Drake's Mentor J. Prince


How Hip-Hop Mogul and Drake’s Mentor J.Prince Put An End to Drake’s Beef Fight With Pusha T

Today’s marked 6th days, since Toronto born rapper and Cash Money act Drake has been silenced on his longtime beef fight with Pusha T. In order news, it seems that the reignited longtime beef between Drake and Pusha T has being put to bed, following the intervention of Drake‘s mentor to end vicious feud.

According to report, Drake‘s mentor who is said to be CEO of Rap-A-Lot Records, James ‘J’ Prince put a call through to Drake to stop any attempt of him releasing what he called an “overwhelming” diss track aimed brutally at both Pusha-T and Kanye West.

While speaking with Sway in the Morning this weekend, Prince explained, “After speaking with Kanye, I spoke with the brother, and he didn’t want this. I saw this going to a place that I feel would have ended his career if Drake would’ve put out this song that he had on him,” adding, “And definitely would’ve hurt families and we’re not in it for that. That’s not Drake’s character to tear a man down to that extent.”

In another twist, a US US radio station DTLR Radio to reveal that he had spoken to the rapper about his next step.

Pusha T and Drake

How Hip-Hop Mogul and Drake’s Mentor J.Prince Put An End to Drake’s Beef Fight With Pusha T

“I spoke with Drake” Prince admitted. “I made an OG call this morning telling him: ‘I don’t want you to respond to this. We gonna put this to bed, because we can’t get in the pigpen with pigs.’ “Because pigs turn into hogs, and then hogs get slaughtered.”

Prince also maintained that Drake wasn’t known for embroiling himself in long running feuds.

“We haven’t worked this hard to cheat ourselves over nothing.”

“We ain’t work this hard to cheat ourselves,” he added. “So that’s the way that is.”

In yet another radio interview with WPGC 95.5, Prince called Pusha’s track “disrespectful,” referencing his own book The Art & Science of Respect. He argued, “It’s one thing for me and you to be in a situation and it’s another thing for you to take it out on my momma or my dad. So I have a problem.”

Prince is considered to be a mentor to Drake after his son Jas discovered the Toronto rapper via MySpace. This led to Drake meeting Lil Wayne and the Cash Money Records team, and the rest is history.

Prince himself is no stranger to rap beefs, especially those involving Drake. In 2015, Prince defended the rapper on what he called a “Courtesy Call,” which called out Diddy, Suge Knight, Lil Wayne, and Birdman. In particular, it referenced an incident outside a Miami nightclub in which Diddy allegedly punched Drake.



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