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Senator Ben Bruce at Enugu state investment summit
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#HowToSolveYouthUnemployment : Senator Ben Bruce Advise Nigerian Government on How to End Youth Unemployment Crisis

Senator Ben Bruce at Enugu state investment summit
Senator Ben Bruce Speaking at just concluded Enugu State Investment Summit

With recent statistics by Nigeria police force reveals that over 700,000 unemployed Nigerians applied for 10,000 post published by the police force.

The senator representing Bayelsa East Senatorial District in the Nigerian Senate, Ben Murray-Bruce is one of Nigeria’s most vocal senator in the upper chamber.

A successful businessmen turned politician Senator Ben Murray-Bruce, always share his own opinion on economy issue of Nigeria, but this time around he advise Nigerian government on how end the youth unemployment crisis in the country.

Senator Ben Bruce who is popularly refers to as ” Common Sense Advocate ” on social media took to micro-blogging site Twitter, to give his advice on ways governments in Nigeria can confront the issue head on. 

Senator Ben Bruce who was a guest speaker at just concluded Enugu state investment summit (Oganiru) , gives several views on how federal government can handle the issue of youth unemployment crisis in Nigeria.

His words:

”Nigeria complains of high unemployment yet we spend between $6 and $8 billion annually importing food. This is a no brainer! We have unemployed youth, we have fertile land and we have a hungry populace.  ”Instead of importing food, let us use our demand for food to solve our unemployment challenges. Federal and state governments should give youths free land on the condition they must use it exclusively for agriculture. ”Federal and state governments’ agriculture ministry should run free courses in 36 states & 774 local governments to teach willing youths how to farm.

The senator also advised the federal ministry of agriculture to open an electronic register for youths who will participate in the programme. He also advocated that the ministry should use the electronic register to give free seeds and fertilizer to the new farmers.

”This policy will stop our dependence on imported food and also solve youth unemployment. Naira will appreciate if we no longer spend $6-$8 billion importing food annually when this programme succeeds. ”Enough is enough of sending our hard-earned money overseas to service jobs there while youths are unemployed,” Senator Bruce concluded.

While contributing on the floor of the Senate, on Wednesday, April 19, on a bill seeking to promote locally made products to boost the economy, Senator Bruce had stated that it is a good thing that Nigeria is broke.

The senator’s comment was informed by his consistent campaign for the country to diversify its economy.His words:

”I think the public needs to understand what we mean by made in Nigeria products. People complain about Nigerian made products because they might be inferior. ”But if you buy goods at the market price, it will be better. Nigeria is a broke country and that is good because when you are broke, you work. ”Nigeria is a very lazy country. There is no easy way to solve this problem.”

Meanwhile, Senator Bruce has advocated for politicians who steal government money to be prosecuted.
The senator made the comment while reacting to news of some states proposing to apply death sentence on kidnappers.

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