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How to Be a Ibadan Big Boy in Four Simple Steps


How to Be a Ibadan Big Boy in Four Simple Steps

The ancient city of Ibadan is one of the most charming cities in the sub-sahara Africa. The city is known for her brown roof and also tagged a dirty place to live, though things are gradually changing with the brown roof which now wears new looks of Gerald ceiling roof and the state government are doing a great job to clean the city.

According to Business experts, they foresee Ibadan as an emerging market to take over from Lagos as the financial city of Nigeria, and also the city is gradually attracting foreign investors.

In less down 5 years now, Ibadan has become the next big thing city for leisure purpose as major malls, lounge, tech startup branches,eateries and clubs are finding her as the right place for their business.

As Ibadan is becoming the next big thing, here are things you need to do in order to earn the ” Big Boy ” status in Ibadan.  Guys before putting pressure on yourself, make sure to know that all material things don’t make a man and also you must realize that I didn’t make all these rules. They are just criterias to earn that big boy status.

Welcome on board, as I dish you things to do in order to become a certified Ibadan Big Boy in four simple steps.


Your Crib

Please no offense to people who are not living in New Bodija, Alalubosa, Oluyole area, because to become a big boy, you have to live in those areas or have your own house in those areas . Please understand my point by saying have your own house, which means you are staying alone and must not live in your parent’s house.

Some area such as New Felele, Old Airport Estate are also great places to live, but places like Odo-Ona, Apata, Apete are not qualified locations … Sorry.


Your Ride

You can’t be aiming for the big boy status and still be jumping Okada’s or hopping from bus to bus, no way. What you need is to get a lovely  clean ride to cruise around town. And if you don’t have a car yet, you can hire some lovely car at car dealers point.


Your Phone

As iPhone 7s and Samsung 7 becomes latest big thing in town. As a big boy who wants to stand out, your phone and gadget must be Apple product, while a worst case scenario should be a Samsung product.  Anything less down that is nothing, sorry I didn’t make the rules but that is how big boys roll.

Jidenna Live Showcase Concert in Nigeria 36


This is the most important criteria for big boys. Your worth as a big boy can only be proven if you have access to VIP of the coolest, exclusive spots in Ibadan. If you don’t have access to GQ Lounge, Mauve Lounge, Apollos, Bubbles Plus, then you’re still a learner.



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