RCCG Orders “Genital Test” For Members 00

Interesting Twist! RCCG Orders Intending Couples to Conduct “Genital Test”

One of Nigeria’s leading Pentecostal church, The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) has issued a directive compelling members intending to get married to subject themselves to what it called: “genital test.”

According to a memo received by one RCCG‘s pastor, J.F Odesola reported that a directed was sent issued by the general overseer of the church, following the recurring cases of marital crisis resulting from “falsehood, especially in the case of undeclared or unconfessed reproductive/genital status”.


  • For women, the genital exam involves a pelvic exam. The pelvic exam allows a doctor or health care provider to check the internal and external reproductive organs for signs of disease. In females, the reproductive organs include the vulva (the outside of the vagina), the vagina, the cervix, the uterus, the fallopian tubes, and the ovaries.
  • During the male genital exam, a doctor performs a visual and manual examination of the male genitals which includes the testicles, epididymis, spermatic cord, and vas deferens (the latter three being tubes connecting the various parts of the male reproductive system). If indicated, the doctor will also examine the rectum/anal area, and the prostate gland.

The church’s directive is contained in a document dated May 10, 2018, signed by Pator J. F. Odeola for the General Overseer.

The document labelled “memo,” from Assistant General Overseer (Admin & Personnnel), with reference: RCCG/PERS/IFO/AD/MENO/10/05/2018, has as subject: Directive on pre-marital examination.

RCCG Orders “Genital Test” For Members
Interesting Twist! RCCG Orders Intending Couples to Conduct “Genital Test”

The “memo” reads: “Calvary greetings in Jesus’ name.

“The Mission Authority has observed the recurrence of cases of marital crises resulting from falsehood, especially in the case of undeclared or unconfessed reproductive/genital status.

“We have the directive of the General Overseer to instruct the entire Mission’s outpost that forthwith, pre-marital medical examination for intending couples should also include genital test.

“Further, Provinces are requested to register with particular (trusted) government approved hospital for the various pre-marital examinations for intending couples.

“Remain blessed in this season of songs and victory in Jesus’ name, amen.”

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