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Does Nigeria Record Producer and Mix Engineers Deserve Credit and Royalties ?


Does Nigeria Record Producer and Mix Engineers Deserve Credit and Royalties ?

Don Jazzy, Laolu Aikins and Nelson Brown | Three of Nigeria Greatest Producer

Don Jazzy, Laolu Aikins and Nelson Brown | Three of Nigeria Greatest Producer

Barely about few days ago, i was privileged to attend Nigeria Entertainment Conference 2014, with theme ” Creating Pathways To The Future” , which is held at the Grand Ball Room, Eko Hotel & Suites in Lagos.

After the dialogue conference with stakeholders and top key players in Nigeria Entertainment on Wednesday 23,2014, i decide to share my own quotas about some interesting facts that was discussed during the conference.

Over the years now, Nigeria music industry have move fast beyond everybody thinking but there are some individuals that players key part in the revolution in music sector such as artists managers, record label company, artistes management company, corporate bodies, monster record producer, sound engineer, mixer engineer and not to forget the effort and hardworking of these artistes. In this post will going to discuss if Record Producer and Mix Engineer Deserve Credit or Royalties in any song released by their various client.

Flashback to the years  of Nelson Brown,  Laolu Aikins and many others as top record producer in the country, they get paid for the job and all credit they get is at the back of album cover whenever it released out, but in these world of digital many of our producer and mix engineer received credit on every job they finished from these artistes , after they have get paid from the  starting process.
I accident stumble upon this interesting topic on social media twitter and i decide to share it with my own readers. The conference was held to  address the lopsidedness against record producers and others area in industry.

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These tweets could never have been dispensed by just one person, they represent perspectives and experiences of different sets of professionals (artist, record producers, talent managers, journalists, editor, entrepreneur, entertainment lawyer, designer and critic) actively involved in the Nigerian music landscape, they serve as a backdrop to my final resolve in this blog-post.

I advice you read carefully, and follow handles you find interesting.


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