Nigerian Hip-Hop Lovers Reacts to M.I Abaga’s New Track, Where He Channel...

Nigerian Hip-Hop Lovers Reacts to M.I Abaga’s New Track, Where He Channel Other Rappers on Changing the Game & Culture

MI Abaga 00
Nigerian Rap Mogul M.I Abaga Releases Video for His Controversial Song '' You Rapper Should Fix Up, Your Lives ''

Nigeria’s rap star and self-acclaimed messiah of Nigeria Hip-Hop genre M.I Abaga has being on the news lately, first for the role he played in the famous or infamous Pulse Nigeria’s Loose Talk Podcast to the lawsuit filed against American rap mogul Nas for dropping wack verse on his song despite what they agree upon and lastly his new single where he disses Nigerian rappers.

” I should be close to retirement, couple more years we retiring. But none of you rappers inspiring, none of you pass the requirement, I can’t retire yet then,” that’s what M.I said as he started the controversial song titled ” You Rappers Should Fix UP, Your Lives “.

The M.I‘s new track is full of a rap buffet that’s filled with beef, one-sided anarchy of knowledge, anger, and culture lessons and let not forget that record is full arrogance that is littered all through. In the new track that passes messages to others Rappers for not living to expectation or not helping the culture by switching from rap to signing. Let not forget what the vintage short black guy said about how the South-African Hip-Hop guys are dominating the continent Hip-Hop in recent years.

MI Abaga
Nigerian Hip-Hop Lovers Reacts to M.I Abaga‘s New Track, Where He Channel Other Rappers on Changing the Game & Culture

The new record by M.I has become a major on discussion on social media among the hip-hop lovers — some are praising M.I for bringing this issue on public domain in order to resurrect the dead genre in Nigeria, while others counter accused him of not helping the culture when him and his label are at their prime success in the mainstream market.

Here are some of curated discussion among Nigerians on Social Media:

The rappers themselves joined the conversation on social media:

Pulse Nigeria’s editor joined the conversation:

Someone pointed out an interesting point:

When the conversation are getting interesting, rising rap star Blaq Bonez releases his reply to M.I’s diss track other rappers.

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