Nigerian Pop Star Davido Speaks on Emergency of West African Music...

Nigerian Pop Star Davido Speaks on Emergency of West African Music Into American Mainstream Music and How He Record with US Pop Star Tinashe


Baddest Davido

Early this year, Nigerian pop star Davido signs a lucrative recording and distribution deal with Sony Music and ever since then African and Nigeria music lovers are anticipating how the deal will help African and Nigerian music to cross over into the international market.

The DMW boss and HKN Music executive Davido has begun his crossover into the US market by dropping a single with American pop-star Tinashe under the imprint of Sony Music.

Just few hours ago, Sony Music Entertainment releases the visual for the single called, “ How Long ”.

He recently spoke to Vice magazine about his inspiration behind making the song and video, saying

  • For the song, I recorded that record about a year ago. One of the executives at Sony International had the record. He played it for Tinashe, and he asked me if I would like to put her on the record. I thought it was a great idea. We just did it. We shot the video in Malibu. It was beautiful. I feel like it’s something different. I call it Afro Fusion. It has all kinds of music. It has the Afrobeats, it has the house music. Everything just fused together.

He also spoke about the emergence of West African music in mainstream American music, to which he replied,

  • It’s something I knew that would always happen. The vibe is cool. People love the Afrobeats. If you think about it, I call it World Music because over here in Africa we have people that do hip-hop as well. I don’t think they’re using our style. It’s more of like they’re rating us and appreciating the sound.

On the process of making new album Son of Mercy

  • I wouldn’t say it’s different process. I had my producers. The only producer that I had outside of Africa was Dun Deal out of Atlanta. Everything was natural.
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