Nigerian Rapper Ycee Call Out Sony Music Exec Micheal Ugwu, of Fraud...

Nigerian Rapper Ycee Call Out Sony Music Exec Micheal Ugwu, of Fraud and Theft ” Your Job is to Rip-Off Money of Other People Hustle “

Developing Story : FreeMe Digital Releases Official Statement on Ycee & Micheal Ugwu Sony's Saga '' No Current and Existing Contractual Relations with Ycee ”

Buzzing Nigerian rapper and Tinny Entertainment act Ycee, accused the General Manager of Sony Music West Africa, Michael Ugwu, of fraud & theft on Twitter. The Nigerian rapper Ycee, who recently released his debut EP ” The Wave ‘, under the imprint Sony Music took to Twitter to point finger at the label’s executive Michael Ugwu, alleging that he is “ eating everyone’s money.”

The pointing finger attack started with a tweet Michael Ugwu posted on his twitter timeline, which is a quoted portion from Dremo’s Ojere’ hit song for a tweet which read as: “Nigga ask about me nigga ask about me…I’m a hustler am a am a hustler”.

That tweet from Michael ignite fire from the pained Ycee to call him out on Twitter of ripping artists off via digital music distribution and streaming through his Freeme Digital Platform.

“Ever wondered why these execs running digital sharing companies live like they signed all the artistes?” Ycee asked. “Cos they eating everyone’s [money].”

@iam_magicmike wassup! How’s business? Booming? You milked anyone new lately????? Oh and don’t forget @freemedigital More like slavery digital No wonder yall always smiling in that office,” Ycee tweeted with a crying emoji.

Nigeria Rapper Ycee Call Out Sony Music Exec Micheal Ugwu, of Fraud and Theft ” Your Job is to Rip-Off Money of Other People Hustle “

Micheal Ugwu aside being GM to Sony Music, West-Africa region is also founder of Freeme Digital, a digital distribution company which describes itself as “Nigeria’s foremost online digital music distribution network with a growing array of artists, labels, comedians and content creators across the region on our platform with radio rights to all content licensed.”

Sometimes in 2016, Sony Music Global expand their business terrain to the Africa region with their headquarter office in Lagos, which Micheal headed as GM. Their first business negotiation was the signing of Davido, followed by the signing of his close competitor Wizkid to RCA Records/Sony Music Global respectively. As part of fully been in business in the Africa region, Sony Music Entertainment of the African region announces the signing of Ycee who described as future of Hip-Hop in Africa by Micheal Ugwu.

While in less down one year of the deal, everything seems not working fine as planned between both parties leds to Ycee to take shot at Micheal’s job at Sony Music. “@iam_magicmike “I run Sony music west Africa” running it to where? Running it straight into the ground! And you don’t even give half a shit!”

“Funny how we all know these niggaz ain’t straight and we just keep quiet… meanwhile they raping us in silence. Omo nawa o. Don’t even know how this dream started and you just wanna reap completely of man’s hardwork and sweat? God forbid!”

However, no official comment from Ycee‘s camp about the fraud & theft allegation on Micheal, while Micheal Ugwu on other angle has reacted to Ycee’s claim. He respond to the fraud allegation in a series of tweets, the music executive indirectly respond the issue saying he’s innocent about the allegation labed against him.


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