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Power Of Networking: 6 Career Networking Tips For Millennials

6 Career Networking Tips For Millennials


Power Of Networking: 6 Career Networking Tips For Millennials

Hey guys! Let talk about meeting people, I know that you have heard about the saying “ Your network is your net worth” but as an entrepreneur, how do you rub shoulders with the greats?, While CNN‘s Social Producer, Ized Unaikhehi had something to say about the importance of networking ” For every entrepreneur looking to make a head way, you have to break into the right crowd ”.

With the opportunity of working several countries and built a pool of contacts across the continent, Archie hooked us up with a listicle on career networking tips for young lads. I mean you’re going to learn 6 Career Networking Tips For Millennials below:

Network Anywhere and Everywhere :

Once you think of it more as ” Forming Connections ” rather than networking, it’s easy to see that countless opportunities to build your pool of contacts are available.

Try to Meet Lots of People:

The more people you know, the more likely you are to forge a connection with someone who might know a job or good person for you to meet.

6 Career Networking Tips For Millennials

Power Of Networking: 6 Career Networking Tips For Millennials

Connect Online After Meeting in Person:

Don’t be shy about connecting with people you’ve meet in person on social. Doing this will help you stay top of mind, far more than business cards, which can easily get filed away or forgotten.

Seek Out a Mentor:

A mentor can help you evaluate job offers, know when it’s the right time to leave a job, negotiate a raise, and generally help you with all sorts of career-related puzzles.

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Make Friends at Work:

Build strong relationship with colleagues: if you’re lucky, you’ll discover that you have a lot more than where you work in common.

Always Remember to Lend a Hand Yourself:

Networking doesn’t have to be tit-for-tat. If you see an opportunity to recommend someone in your network for a job, and other career-related opportunies, definitely do so.

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