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Side Effect of Dencia ”Whitenicious Cream” Causes Unwanted Facial Hair, Headaches and Pimples or May Lead to Skin Cancer


Side Effect of Dencia ”Whitenicious Cream” Causes Unwanted Facial Hair, Headaches and Pimples or May Lead to Skin Cancer

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Though NAFDAC, has not released official press released statement about the banning of Dencia’s Whitenicious Cream, but according to inside sources released out that NAFDAC will be soon evicted of the product into entering Nigeria.

Did my post headline make you read this post — well in life everything have advantages and disadvantages, but this skin care product called Whitenicious Cream is good for ladies that want their  body to look like that of Beyonce, Kim, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Rita Ora, and many others females celebs you might admirer.

Let me do little review about the product  — Whitenicious Cream by Dencia

Whitenicious Cream can help you remove your dark skin removal, it works like magic without any side effect on your body.

Whitenicious for Dark Spot Removal (by Dencia) is a moisturizing cream enriched from exquisite and powerful ingredients that also removes dark spots (from acne, hyper pigmentation, etc).  It contains vitamins C & E and provides a SPF of 15.  This product will nourish and refine skin, lighten dark spots, and smooth pores.  This product has been formulated for sensitive skin.

Dencia Whitenicious Cream

The product can easily help you to tonne you body skin from black identity, Envydia body beautifying toning milk is designed to smoothen your complexion,reduce discoloration and hyper pigmented marks while hydrating the body.We believe that every inch of your body deserves as much protection as your face.To illuminate,you have to eliminate.This cream will nourish,illuminate and hydrate your skin within a few weeks.Say no to products with harmful chemicals that destroy your skin.Envydia is hydroquinone,mercury and steroid free.

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Whitenicious Facial Cleanser — it effectively dissolves dirt on skin and unclog pores; helping to rejuvenate a more radiant and youthful appearance. The result is a massage-like affect that helps to rejuvenate your face to more youthful radiance when used daily.


Whitenicious by Dencia contains natural safe ingredients. The products do not contain any steroids,Hydroquinone or Mercury.

The products have been approved and tested by dermatologists and is safe for all skin types. Whitenicious can cause skin lightening on areas it is applied to. Dark spots and hyper pigmentation can’t be treated without lightening and our products contain natural fruit acids.

You can start getting your desire within 3 days or more, when you start using the product. They ship worldwide for any of their your order from their official website. You may place your order from our official website: Here you can check the list of our approved retailers on our website. We accept all major credit cards,debit cards and PayPal.

After several months of speculation on whether Whitenicious Cream by Dencia, is good or bad for our body, i will like to share some testimony few users of the product.

Ladies checkout one if our clients,she had damaged hands after using bad cream from somewhere,she used Whitenicious knuckle and elbow cream for just 7days and amazing results.She has since stopped it and it’s been over a month and her hands still look great.She is concentrating only on the affected areas directly for better results.We will bring you pictures when she sends them.

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Hi, I’m very pleased with the progress. As a skeptic seeing all the negative replies, I was hesitant at first but I’m so glad I got this product and I hope you share this with your followers so that they can see the testimonies are REAL and this product is worth the money.. As seen below, The pic shows before pic from Saturday February 1st. The pic to the right is my progress from today February 7, just under a week later as promised I see major results and dark spots fading!! I’m going to continue to use it for about another week because I want all traces of spots to be completely faded.. I currently use it 2x a day and I do have caramel skin so I am careful to not use too much because I don’t want to be lighter. If the pic on the right looks lighter it’s only because I used the flash on my camera to show how well this product has worked, but in actuality my skin tone is even than it was ever before.I hope u read this message and thank you for all the help.

Please click on the following link to review user complaints of Whitenicious: For better understanding about the product you check here.
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4 comments on “Side Effect of Dencia ”Whitenicious Cream” Causes Unwanted Facial Hair, Headaches and Pimples or May Lead to Skin Cancer

  1. hi dencia i have use your product for a second time but it never work for you let people wast thier money but i wont to ask the ingredien you use for your products if you can answer me by my email.

    hope to here from you soon as you recieve this email

  2. Joan Renesca on said:


    I tried calling the number you provided (+1) 818-532-7790 several time through out the day for today.
    What is wrong with my credit card ?
    Why did you deduct money out of my account and send me an email stating that my credit card is fraudulent.

    I called my bank and citie bank said whitenicious deducted the fee of $135.18.

    Please can you explain the situation. Thank you

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