Skales Epic Reply to Fans

Skales Epic Clapback To His Follower ” My Songs Last Longer Than Your Parent Marriage ”

Nigerian pop star and Baseline Music act Skales was recently trolled by one of his follower on social media, and he had an epic reply for the follower who dragged him into an exchange.

The follower goes with Instagram handle @ceoguts wrote in the comment section of a photo he shared;

Skales Epic Reply to Fans 00
Skales Epic Clapback To His Follower ” My Songs Last Longer Than Your Parents Marriage ”

‘Yur dress sense is weak…yur songs never last more than 2 weeks’.

Replying him, Skales wrote;

‘@ceoguts ur fada forgot to use condom and shrek looks way finer than you and ur life sucks obviously I’m in a suite paid for rightnow and ur ass is worried about my songs that last longer than ur mum and dad relationship cz u obviously lack home training cz u ain’t got a home 😁😁 clap for yourself u got one now’

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