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#SMWLagos : Events You Must Attend at Social Media Week Lagos 2016 , What You Need to Know About Social Media Week Lagos 2016

Social Media Week Lagos
Social Media Week Lagos

In less down few 2 days, thousands of tech geeks and social media marketers and strategist will gathered together for the largest and biggest technology conference in West-African tagged ” Social Media Week Lagos 2016 ”.

The previous edition of Social Media Week Lagos 2015, was a blast and we are very excited with this year edition due to the proper planning that the organsier of the conference has put in place, to bring memorable event for us.

What is Social Media Week Lagos?

Social Media Week Lagos is a week-long conference that provides the ideas, trends, insights and inspiration to help people and businesses understand how to achieve more in a hyper-connected world. The event features a central stage for keynotes and panels, multiple rooms for workshops, masterclasses and presentations, and an area dedicated to co-working, networking and interactive installations. Our mission is to help people and organizations connect through collaboration, learning and the sharing of ideas and information.

Here at GY, we took out of our time to go through the list of events to help you, and we have compile a list of some of the events you might be interested in attending in the digital era.

This year edition of Social Media Week Lagos 2016, will start from Sunday 21st — 27th February 2016.

On Monday

‘Power, Politics and Perception’: Social Media, Power, Ethics, Political Commentary and Activism in the Network Age.

Social media has been a game changer in Nigerian politics. If there had been any doubts, those were laid to rest at the 2015 Presidential Elections – with Social being the key communications platform used by the victorious Buhari Campaign. It is no understatement to say, Buhari owned the social space in 2015, in what can only be characterised as highly lurid campaign by both of the main political parties.

The event will be hosted by Ayo Alli CEO & Founder, Gbamm!.

You can registered for the event here.

The Future of Digital Publishing

The Future of Digital Publishing is an engaging panel session focused on dissecting the key forces and dynamics in the ever-changing world of digital publishing. The Guardian Nigeria brings together top industry leaders from Nigeria’s publishing, advertising and journalism community to discuss how an evolving digital landscape is forcing publishers to change their approach to content creation, revenue generation, social platforms and marketing.

The event will be hosted by The Guardian Nigeria.

The panel will consist of the following experts in their field:

  • Moderator: Miss Peace Hyde: media entrepreneur and Forbes West Africa Correspondent
  • Mr Tolu Ogunlesi: writer who regularly contributes to The New York Times & The Financial Times
  • Mr Daryn Wober: CEO Ventra Media/Executive Director The Guardian Nigeria
  • Mr Tomiwa Aladekomo: Senior Digital Manager, Nigerian Breweries
  • Representative from global tech platform TBC

You can registered for the event here.

Social Media & Newsgathering

The Social Media & Newsgathering masterclass is an in-depth session presented by AFP to introduce journalists, fact checkers, bloggers, writers and content creators to newsgathering guidelines in the digital world.

Social media is a vital tool for distributing news and information. From friends to politicians, celebrities to activists, our sources of information have never been so accessible. For journalists, this is both helpful and challenging.

The event will be hosted by AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE, while event speakers are Phil Hazlewood Lagos Bureau Chief, AFP and Sophie Nicholson Journalist, AFP .

You can registered for the event here.

The Future of Africa’s Media in a Platform-Agnostic Age

What is a media platform in 2016? Is it newspaper, TV channel, mobile app, a YouTube/SnapChat channel or even a customized quarterly print magazine? Increasingly, publishers are having to live on a variety of new and, at times, old platforms to remain connected with an ever more distracted audience.

The Future of Africa’s Media in a Platform-Agnostic Age is an intimate panel discussion which will look at the unique challenges publishers face in delivering on the promise of being all things to all audiences in this still relatively early stage of building digital platforms in Africa.

The event will be hosted by Quartz.

Event Speakers

Yinka Adegoke : Quartz Africa, Editor

Tosyn Bucknor: CEO, s.h.a.r.e Social Media and Networking

Seyi Taylor: CEO & Co-Founder, Big Cabal Media

Perez Tigidam: Founder, TheNerveAfrica.Com

You can registered for the event here.

On Tuesday


By 2025, 75% of the global workforce will be comprised of millennials. As millennials get jobs and become leaders, they’re bringing tech-savvy ideas that are changing business. The future of Africa’s development lies with it’s innovative “Youngpreneurs”.


From integrating mobile apps into meetings and networking, to creating tech-centered products that are transforming lives, our youngpreneurs are creating industries that are empowering young African’s to get on the employment ladder and bridge the gap between poverty and prosperity.

Speakers for the event include Adebola Williams, Co-Founder Red Media, Mary Ojulari, CFO CNBC and Forbes Africa, Edose Ohen, Director HPO Global Group, Rex Idiams, Founder Achievers Media and Nkechi ‘Ink’ Eze editor BellaNaija Weddings.

The event will be hosted by Aim Higher Africa.

You can registered for the event here.

Spinlet Live! Being a Social Media Star & Succeeding in the Music Industry

In today’s hyper-connected world, prospects for an artist’s success are inundated with more channels to supersede one’s desired aims or goals. It’s no longer enough to deliver quality music content via traditional media and distribution of physical CDs. An artist needs to arm the content with the right wings to fly.

How does it sound to make $1,000,000 in 24 hours? Attractive? Ideal?

Event hosted by Spinlet.

You can registered for the event here.

Going Digital! How Nigerian Businesses Are Embracing Digital Transformation

Going Digital! How Nigerian Businesses Are Embracing Digital Transformation will give insight into digital technology adoption in the Nigeria marketplace. We will feature case studies by two of the biggest banks in Nigeria as they embark on transforming their businesses through the use of digital marketing.

You can registered for the event here.

Digital Marketing, Branding, Communications for Semantic Web aka Web 3.0

Digital Marketing, Branding, Communications for Semantic Web aka Web 3.0 is an advanced level masterclass that introduces attendees to the principles behind the semantic markup, what structured data is, why linked data is so powerful and what it could mean for digital marketers. In a single soundbite, web 3.0 is a movement to organise the web.

The event will be hosted by Cymantiks Limited, while Emeka Okoye CEO, Vikantti Nigeria Limited is event speaker.

You can registered for the event here.

On Wednesday

The Future of Music in Africa Beats & Breakfast Powered by The BEAT 99.9FM

Music Event at Social Media Week Lagos 2016

Hosted The BEAT 99.9FM & SMW Lagos .

You can registered for the event here.

SMW Music Africa: I Know When That Music Streams… It Can Only Mean One Thing

2015 saw the launch of Tidal and Apple Music, many industry experts made predictions on how both platforms would revolutionize the music industry. A year later what has changed? Are music-streaming platforms truly a game changer for the industry and artists?

Leading execs from the biggest music streaming platforms in the US, Europe and Africa sound off. They share their thoughts on music streaming and how they see it shaping the industry for years to come.  They’ll also look at what impact global music streaming platforms have on Africa? Are they relevant across the continent? Do they cannibalize the local industry?

Hosted The BEAT 99.9FM & SMW Lagos .

You can registered for the event here.

SMW Music Africa: Getting Paid In Full In The Era of Free

In the current digital paradigm music enthusiast are consuming more than ever and they are doing it for free. How can artists leverage on technology and consumers growing music consumption to create new revenue streams?

Getting Paid In Full In The Era of Free will gather a panel of experts who will explore the different kinds of revenue streams and how to maximize them.

Hosted The BEAT 99.9FM & SMW Lagos .

You can registered for the event here.

SMW Music Africa: The Evolution of Influencers

Agencies have been talking about influence and influencers since the dawn of media.

It is a truism that we have moved from a world of deference into a new, people driven age of reference where anyone, anywhere and anytime can be an influencer. This a golden time where a Tweet from Don Jazzy can allegedly crash the ecommerce site of a major brand in seconds. In this new world, ‘Earned’ is king.

Tyga has 7 million followers on twitter, He attempted a Beyonce on us and dropped his album with no upfront promo. The Kardashian clan and Kanye West heavily promoted the album after it dropped, but sales were woeful. What went wrong?

What if audiences have evolved into an age of relevance? A place where ‘Socialized’ celebrity endorsement and box ticking ‘blogger outreach’ fails in silence?

Hosted The BEAT 99.9FM & SMW Lagos .

You can registered for the event here.

Launch of Women in Tech Africa Nigeria Chapter!

Women working in the technology sector and technology thought leaders across Africa are invited to join us to celebrate the launch of Women in Tech Africa Nigeria Chapter! Women in Tech Africa has membership of over 500 women in over 30 countries in Africa and physical chapters in Ghana,London,Kenya…and now Nigeria!

Women in Tech Africa at Social Media Week Lagos 2016

Hosted Women in Tech Africa.

You can registered for the event here.

SMW Music Africa: Radio…The Future of Story Telling?

From music discovery to breaking news, radio is one of the oldest modern storytelling mediums there is. But in a world where it’s competing for attention with short form video and music streaming services, YouTube, Snapchat, Periscope … what is online videos impact on the industry? How relevant is terrestrial radio across the continent? How are artist using online video to engage with their fans? And in the same vein how is radio using social media to augment its stories and make them shareable?

Hosted The BEAT 99.9FM & SMW Lagos.

You can registered for the event here.

SMW Music Africa: Financing the Music Industry

It’s called SHOWBUSINESS. Before and after the show we have the Business aspect. Our Music industry is littered with a plethora of upcoming artists and record labels and whilst we have a great talent pool, the music industry still looks extremely unattractive to the banks and as a result cannot survive in the harsh unregulated and unstructured music environment that we operate in.

Financing the Music Industry will be anchored by a senior fiance expert and is here to give guidance on how to put a structure in place to make your music business entity attractive to the banks.  The panel will also look at new revenue and business models that have sprung up with the emergence of social media and the digital music space.

Hosted The BEAT 99.9FM & SMW Lagos.

You can registered for the event here.

On Thursday

Matters Arising: Issues Facing The Church & How Technology Can Help

Matters Arising is targeted at Christian leaders and influencers and aims at equipping them to face issues confronting the 21st century church. With a multi-format styling, the event intends to address varying issues like sexuality, social awareness, politics, reputation management, advocacy, the youth and how these factors affect the church and vice versa. A highlight of the event will be the presentation of the first ever ‘State of the Church Report’ which is currently being prepared by Alder Consulting, one of the leading consulting firms in the country. Participants can expect to leave informed and empowered to go and make positive differences to their communities through their various ministries.

Event Speakers

Godman Akinlabi Lead Pastor, The Elevation Church

Leke Alder Principal, Alder Consulting Limited

Femi Edun Managing Director, Frontier Capital

Emmanuel Oluwatosin Co Founder, Mobile Monday Nigeria

Subomi Plumptre Head, Corporate and Social Media Practices, Alder Consulting Limited

Chinny Ugoji Director of Communications, The Elevation Church

Tunde Usidame Resident Pastor, The Elevation Church – Lekki

Hosted The Elevation Church.

You can registered for the event here.


Y!/ presents Nigeria’s #YTech100 an annual networking event honoring the best and brightest innovators in Nigeria’s tech scene. This third edition will highlight the way forward for our tech market into a global space featuring tech innovators in education, e-commerce, enterprise resource among others.

YTech100 at Social Media Week Lagos 2016

The #YTech100 will go along with a panel discussion around Nigeria’s Technology Space on Globalisation: From Local Champion to Unicorn; as well as provide a conducive environment to drive quality interactions on various economic and social factors that have helped to leverage potentials in both the local and international tech market.. Attendees will network with the brightest minds turning the technology ecosystem around. The last two editions honoured a host of individuals leading the charge in drawing innovation into the industry with the hope that this recognition will inspire others to make a difference.

Hosted, while event speaker is  Olusola Teniola CEO, IS Internet Solutions.

You can registered for the event here.

Branding For Startups: Effective Branding & Digital Communication Strategies

Based on our experience working with small businesses and helping them to save cost on branding and digital communication strategies we’ve discovered one of the major challenges startups face is building a brand identity and effective brand presence at low-cost.

Branding For Startups at Social Media Week Lagos

Apart from boot strapping an idea that meets market demand and structuring a business model that fits your market niche; crafting a winning brand identity can be the key to successes. Starting from tips on designing a logo, to user interface development, to effective digital marketing strategies and “must have” communication materials for any serious start-up Branding For Startups: Effective Branding & Digital Communication Strategies will give you the information you need to market like a pro!

Hosted CoolWork Universal.

Event Speakers

TEMITOPE AJAYI CEO, Coolworks Universal



You can registered for the event here.

On Friday

The Place Of Technology In Building a Brand

“The Place Of Technology In Building a Brand” is a masterclass panel session that is targeted at new media practitioners.

In lieu of the theme of this year’s social media week, “Upwardly Mobile: The Rise of A Connected Africa”, our session will focus on using Technology to build your Brand”.

Social Media Week Lagos by Olorisupergal

Technology has changed the way we view the world and has also changed the way we communicate. The numerous benefits of technology when linked with networking has helped open many businesses up to the global scene.

This session will dwell on how technology can reposition your blog and ensure you have a brand you’re proud of.


Event Speakers

Olajumoke Okikiolu: Senior Manager, Product Marketing at Samsung Electronics West Africa (SEWA)

Oluyomi Ojo : Founder at PRINTIVO.COM, Managing Director/Creative Director at Urbanbaze Designs

Rita Ohai Ohaedoghasi : Head Of Public Relations and Communications at

Bankole Oluwafemi is Editor-in-Chief of

You can registered for the event here.

Did You Say Change? Game Changers of the 2015 Nigerian Elections

Youth engagement and participation were the game changers in the 2015 Nigerian elections. The success of the Buhari presidential campaign in 2015 has created a new reality for the practice of political and governance communication in Nigeria. Bukola Saraki at Social Media Week Lagos

Did You Say Change? is a masterclass produced by RED’s governance communications arm Statecraft Inc. (the media agency which lead President Buhari’s election campaign media efforts) – the lessons of the campaign will be discussed in detail, as well as the implications of this new digital reality for political office holders and those they lead.

Did You Say Change? will explore the intersection between media, business and governance, and uncover how  RED/Statecraft Inc. was able to deploy media as an active tool to galvanise a generation of Africans to action.

Hosted by StateCraft.

You can registered for the event here.

Afro Tourism Presents – Telling The African Story Through Social Media

Telling the African Story through Social Media:

Promoting African Tourism is about telling the right stories!


Let’s face it – Africa has an Image problem. As is often said; it is easier to lose a reputation than to build one. Over the years the continent has gained a reputation for lack, violence, insecurity, bad governance, famine and poverty. This is not helped by the world media outlets, which don’t often represent Africa in the best lights. At the 2009 Ted talk, Chimamanda Adichie spoke of the “The danger of a single story” in narrating the African experience and warned that if we hear only a single story about another person or country, we risk a critical misunderstanding.

Hosted by Afro Tourism.

Event Speakers

Sam Adeleke Travel Writer, Afro Tourism

Pelu Awofeso Journalist, Homestead Publishing

Tosin Ajibade (Olori Supergal) Social Media Marketer, Olori Supergal Company

You can registered for the event here.

FB Start & Free Basics for Developers – Powered by Facebook

Facebook is excited to invite you to attend its 4 hour event comprising of tech-talks and networking opportunities that will show you how developers and tech innovators can take advantage of the Free Basics and FBStart to grow their startups and engage a wider audience.

– What is Free Basics and how can developers participate?
– What is the FB Start Program how can I get involved?
– How can developers participate and win in the 2016 innovation challenge for Africa?

Hosted by Facebook Inc.

Event Speakers

Christine Abernathy Developer Advocate, Facebook

Emeka Afigbo Strategic Products Partnership Manager, Facebook

Murtadha Al-Tameemi Software Engineer, Facebook

Jennifer Fong Strategic Product Partnership Manager, Facebook

Matt Terrell Strategic Partner Manager – FbStart, Facebook

You can registered for the event here.

Here at GY, here are selected events you must not miss at Social Media Week Lagos 2016. You can check the official website for the full list of events for this year edition.

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