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Terry Apala Re-Invent Apala Music with Old Wine in New Skin



Terry Apala Re-Invent Apala Music with Old Wine in New Skin

This one na hip-hop circular/ mo lowo, mo popular – Mo Popular, Terry Apala.

Several Nigerian upcoming musicians are struggling – and failing – and also many others find themselves sounding like Wizkid, Davido and Olamide before they could be known, but there is a young lad who believes in the opposite side of that thought and his name is Terry Apala.

The ” Champagne Showers ” by Terry Apala is something we can describe as old wine in new skin and it’s gradually gaining acceptance into the mainstream of Nigerian pop and Hip-Hop music.

Terry Apala is trying to revive the old genre of music Apala Music into the mainstream of Nigeria music. History says that Apala music was introduced by late Alhaji Haruna Ishola and Ayinla Omowura in the late 1930’s.

Apala is a genre, originally derived from the Yoruba people of Nigeria. It’s a percussion-based style that developed in the late 1930s, when it was used to wake up Muslims after fasting during Ramadan. The rythms eventually evolved, influenced by Cuban music and became pretty popular in Nigeria.


(Photo: Ivory Music)


(Photo: STAR Records)

Terry Apala, is a solo singer, he hails from Delta State but he spent most of his growing years in Ajegunle, a suburb of Lagos. In early 2000’s a direct descendant of late Haruna Ishola, Musiliu, re-invented the sound into a funky hip-hop version, to create the track ‘Soyoyo’.

During those period, the track ” Soyoyo” received massive attention in the mainstream and the street vibes acceptance is somethings else. Now Musiliu Ishola believes that Terry Apala will help him re-invent the musical legacy of his late father Apala music.

Terry Apala‘s latest track ” Champagne Showers ” is gradually gaining acceptance among music lovers and also generating excitement among Nigeria music circle as it rejuvenates a dying genre.

The rising star expressed that the attention, the expectations and the pressure could be overwhelming and sometimes, gets him worried.



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