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Top 6 Reasons You Must Vote In the 2019 Nigerian Elections

Top 6 Reasons You Must Vote In the 2019 Nigerian Elections


Top 6 Reasons You Must Vote In the 2019 Nigerian Elections

It’s less down 70-days to the most anticipated Nigeria election in both the federal and state levels, as Nigerians, we all go out on the election day to elect their various chosen representatives. The 2019 general election is happening, and it’s a most for every citizen to go out there and make there vote count.

However, the official political campaigns have already begun by December 1st, according to the directive of Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), and also political aspirants have already promoted themselves and their ideology to the electorates.

As the election day is coming nearer, it’s very important for us to pay attention to them very well. If, for some reason, you’re unsure about voting next year, here are 6 reasons you must vote in the 2019 Nigerian Elections:

Top 6 Reasons You Must Vote In the 2019 Nigerian Elections

Top 6 Reasons You Must Vote In the 2019 Nigerian Elections

  1. It’s your right – You have a legal right to vote if you are 18+. Use it and change the system.
  2. It’s the patriotic thing to do – If you love Nigeria, you should lend your ‘voice’. Come out and choose the best leaders and make it a better place and a great Nation.
  3. Your vote is your voice – Voting is your way of telling the government what you feel is in your best interest and in the best interest of the country. Come out and vote, so that the government would know they are accountable to you.
  4. Don’t be a hypocrite – If you don’t vote, you literally have zero right to complain about who wins the election. If you truly support a candidate or are truly against a candidate, you should vote.
  5. You can impact change – Let the change begin with you. Politicians look at who votes. More youth voters mean more youth issues are going to be looked at. This means that your vote will affect your future.
  6. Every vote counts/makes a difference – When voting the margin between two candidates truly matters. If a candidate wins by a small margin, that candidate will most likely feel inclined to listen to the people and adjust policies. So do not think that your vote does not count. It does!
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Come let’s make Nigeria great again!

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