Travel Guide: Enhancing Youth Travel in Africa

Travel Guide: Enhancing Youth Travel in Africa

Travel Guide: Enhancing Youth Travel in Africa
Travel Guide: Enhancing Youth Travel in Africa

Within the African context, youth travel entails the circulation of young Africans around the continent. This, however, is not quite the norm in Africa due to the common notion that travel is not essentially travel unless it is outside the continent.

As a result, a large chunk of Africa remains unexplored by its young people. In the global tourism sector, youth travel remains one of the fastest growing and active markets – young people tend to bring their liveliness and vigour to the travel destinations.

A survey conducted by the UN World Tourism Organization in 2010 showed that about 20% of the 940 million international tourists were actually young people who are essential elements in the grand scheme of things.

On the international platform, young people are increasingly becoming driving forces and agents of change in their immediate environment. This also applies to the economy as more and more young people are involved in creating opportunities for tourism businesses.

Youth travellers are also likely to be proactive and willing to make a difference in their travel destinations. Several NGOs, business ideas have been borne out of the proactive nature of young people around the world. This is a trait that needs further boosting on the African continent, it is important to increase youth exchange intellectually.

Travel is multidimensional and provides a world of opportunities for youths who engage in it. It is an important form of networking and career building as young people can come together with great ideas to create change.

A lack of youth exchange through travel will result in generations rather oblivious of their immediate African environment. It is imperative to encourage intergovernmental relations in order to foster youth travel on the continent.

Increased youth travel grants young people a chance to not only benefit from the enriching experiences that travel brings but also contribute to the communities they find themselves in. This is indeed a good way to get started with training the future leaders.

What is your take on youth travel?

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