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Travel Guide: Ways to Enjoy the Rainy Season

Travel Guide

Travel Guide: Ways to Enjoy the Rainy Season


It has been raining on and off for days now. With the rains, more people are staying at home as the streets get muddy and in some cases flooded.

Even when you make sure to follow the weather report, rainy seasons are really unpredictable thereby disrupting outdoor activities.

The season is definitely amazing but it can be very boring if you are not prepared for its peculiarities. Here are some of the things to do.

  • Be Prepared


The first thing to do in this season is to get your rainy day gear. From waterproof overalls to rain boots, make sure you have it all ready for when you have to go out.

Don’t forget to keep an umbrella close by too. Dress appropriately for the season. Jeans are quite comfortable and ideal wears for this period. Endeavour to cover your chest to prevent cold and don’t stay in the rain for too long.

  • Indoor event

If you are attending an event around this period, it is best to stick to indoor events. Discover the indoor sporting events in Lagos like watching a game of basketball at the Landmark Center, home of the Lagos Islander Basketball club.

Children can have fun climbing rock walls at the Get Arena located in Lekki. You can also visit the cinemas.

  • Relax and Unwind at Home

chill at home

Chilling at home while it rains outside makes a lot of people happy and for a good reason. You would have conveniently dodged the muddy, flooded streets and the usual traffic after the rain in a city like Lagos.

On a rainy day like the one described, you just want to lie in bed watching a good movie. If you are the type that enjoys chatting, you can go for a group chat with your friends.

  • Read a book


The rain is going to give you enough indoor time. Those hours spent indoors can be put to good use reading a book. For many book lovers, flipping the pages of a hardcopy book gives a special feeling.

Find a warm corner, curl up and enjoy a great book while the rain lasts. If you don’t mind reading on the screen, load up your tablet or kindle paper with your favourite book.

  • Go foodie


Get out your recipe book or Google it online and experiment. There are so many video tutorials online you can take advantage of.

Try a new taste or simply cook the food you have been craving for a while. Pepper soups are a favourite during this period as they will keep you warm.

  • Do a rainy walk

walk in rain

Staying at home all day can get to you especially if you are the type that loves being outdoors. You can walk in the rain just as it is drizzling or wait for it to stop before you start the walk.

Get your waterproof dress, boots – make sure your body is well protected just in case the rain gets heavy suddenly. As you get back home, take a warm bath and treat yourself to a warm chocolate drink. Walking in the rain can be therapeutic for some people.

If you are in for a relaxed vacation during the rainy season, book the best Lagos hotels to get soaked in the luxurious warmth of the city.



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