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Xmas Concert Total Praise with Yetunde Are & Azusa Productions 2014 Review


Xmas Concert Total Praise with Yetunde Are & Azusa Productions 2014 Review

Yetunde Are on Stage at Yetunde Are and Azusa Productions Total Praise Concert 2014

Sunday, December 14, 2014 is a day that many people will not forget in hurry. It was the day scheduled for the annual Xmas concert ” Total Praise” with Yetunde Are & Azusa Productions 2014.
While the venue for annual Xmas concert was billed for Mauvre 21 Event Center in Ibadan, award wining gospel singer Tim Godfrey & Xtrem Crew is  billed to perform,  alongside with other gospel acts, it goes without saying that the expectations for such an event would be high.
The annual Xmas concert was billed to be the event of the year for many reasons; because it consist of comedy, dancing and unusual ways to praise god.
As with almost all things Nigerian, the event did not begin on time. The concert which was to begin at 4:00 pm did not kick off until 5:00 pm due to the late arrival of many of the guests and poor electricity problem in the hand of the event center. The sound check by Yetunde Are, was definitely electrifying enough for most of us to disregard the late commencement.

Mama Bola Are Praise God alongside with the Crowd

Mama Bola Are Praise God alongside with the Crowd

Nevertheless, the event eventually with loveable  jokes from Ibadan based comedian Peteru, while gospel singer Gbegba Adejumo, also come on stage with his crew to performances some of their worship songs which thrilled the audience, after that IBK also come on stage to lead us on some spiritual worship praise from some of his songs.

The headliner of the concert Tim Godfrey & Xtrem Crew, come onstage to lead us on usual ways of praise in manner that please him.

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One of the memorable of the day, was when the legendary gospel singer Mama Bola Are, come on stage with her crew to lead us on some of their evergreen songs which captivate the audiences to early days of her ministration.

Once again Yetunde Are and her band crew come on stage to lead us on some tunga session to praise god while Tim Godfrey & Xtrem Crew, comes on stage to deliver electrifying danceable session to thrilled the audience at the concert,their performances make the audiences to forget that the time is almost 9:00pm.

Some of the headliners from the concert did not make such as Big B, Agbola Shadare, without them the event is a memorable concert for everybody.

All in all, it was a great event that definitely has us itching to see what happens in 2015!

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