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Big Brother Naija Disqualified Housemates: Meet Six Housemates Who Were Disqualified From the Reality Show

Big Brother Naija Disqualified Housemates


Big Brother Naija Disqualified Housemates: Meet Six Housemates Who Were Disqualified From the Reality Show

Big Brother Naija Disqualified Housemates: Six Housemates Who Went On Biggie’s Third Strike Penalty

Many Nigerians wish to compete in the Big Brother Naija show because of the numerous incentives and awards offered. The reality show offers immediate notoriety, a financial award worth millions of Naira, a devoted following, and multiple brand endorsement deals. Millions of people audition for the show every year, but only a select few get to live in the Big Brother Naija house.

During their brief stay in the BB Naija home, housemates are expected to abide by a set of rules and restrictions. Fortunately, breaking a rule in the Big Brother house won’t get you kicked out. Typically, housemates receive 3 strikes—one for each offense—but in certain cases, only warnings are given for minor infractions.

A third strike by a housemate results in immediate disqualification. Disqualified housemates are compelled to exit the property through the back door and are not permitted to participate in live audience interaction or give interviews. Additionally, they will lose any money or other rewards they received for participating in the housework.

The Big Brother Naija disqualified housemates that have so far been eliminated from the reality TV series are listed below:


Year: 2022

Theme: LevelUp

With a few twists and techniques this season, Big Brother Naija leveled up (pun intended). We saw the debut of Big Brother’s Riders, fake housemates, secret housemates known only to the viewers, eligible for nomination but immune from eviction, fit to take part in every task and win prizes aside from the real grand prize, and the biggest twist of this season, two Big Brother houses running concurrently that were eventually merged at the height of the competitive reality show.

Beauty BBNaija

Beauty, a roommate from Level Up, was eliminated from the Big Brother competition after only two weeks in the house, making her the earliest housemate to ever be eliminated.

After forcefully attacking her on-again, off-again boyfriend Groovy over claims that he danced with housemate Chomzy from the second house, the former beauty queen was disqualified from the competition. Due to her aggressive behavior following the Saturday night party and just before the live eviction show, Beauty was given two strikes. After the Saturday night party, Beauty engaged in a furious argument with Ilebaye and removed her wig, earning her another strike before being disqualified.

Erica Nlewedim 

Year: 2020

Theme: The Lockdown

Nigerians were caught off guard when Big Brother Naija’s fifth season aired in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. Erica, affectionately known as “star girl,” became a hit with the audience. Her first strike was for whispering, and her second was for sharing Kiddwaya’s bed with him when he was the leader of the household.

Erica BBNaija

On Sunday, September 6th, 2021, Erica received one last warning from Big Brother before being booted off the reality TV program. When she criticized fellow housemate and eventual winner Laycon for claims that she had tried to kiss him, her time in the house came to an end.

Erica committed a number of offenses during the course of one night, including verbally abusing Laycon and threatening to kill him, refusing the deputy head of house (Prince) access to the head of house lounge, pouring water on the bed in the lounge, and trying to interact with the camera crew by peering through windows.

Following her disqualification, her fan group, the “Elites,” launched a GofundMe with a $100,000 fundraising goal. Fans had raised more than $60,000 in a month.


Year: 2019

Theme: Pepper Dem Gang

Tacha established herself as one of the most powerful and well-liked housemates in Big Brother Naija history, demonstrating that she possessed all the necessary qualities for a finalist. She did not win the competition, but she did win the hearts of countless Titans, as her admirers are known.

Tacha was given a first strike for touching Joe, a flatmate, and a second strike for defying the boss. Tacha also received a final warning for frequently getting into fights in the Big Brother house. She was ultimately disqualified on September 28, 2019, for physically attacking Mercy, an old rival and ex-housemate.

Tacha BBNaija

Following her disqualification, Tacha became popular on Twitter, inspiring Jack Dorsey, the CEO of the microblogging site, to follow her while he was in Nigeria. Following a few days, fans forced him to confirm her.

Khloe And K. Brule

Year: 2018

Theme: Double Wahala

Because Khloe and K. Brule were both disqualified in Season 3, the season was unquestionably on theme. They might seem like a match made in heaven, but chaos is not permitted in paradise. On February 18, 2018, Khloe and K. Brule were expelled from the house. Because his love interest Anto kissed her partner Lolu instead of him, K-Brule launched himself over a flight of stairs in the initial attack, inflicting harm on himself.

Khloe And K. Brule BBNaija

Khloe unintentionally earned herself a strike since Big Brother informed the housemates that whatever offense their spouse commits is also their own.

After a miscommunication between them that led Khloe to angrily criticize K-mother, brule’s he replied by coming dangerously close to punching her. After K. Brule threatened to physically harm housemate Dee-One, both received their final strike. Then Khloe and K. Brule were eliminated.

Big Brother Naija Disqualified Housemates

Big Brother Naija Disqualified Housemates


Year: 2017

Theme: See Gobe

Big Brother Naija made a comeback in 2017 for its second season and debuted phony housemates after an absence of 11 years (Ese and Jon Ogah). As the first housemate to ever be eliminated from Big Brother Naija, Kemen created history.

Kemen BBNaija

A video of the fitness enthusiast pestering his fellow housemate TBoss while she was asleep led to his elimination on March 5th, 2017. Kemen was disqualified from the competition before he was eliminated for plotting with other roommate Marvis.

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