Dating Married Women In NigeriaDating Married Women In Nigeria: 8 Nigerian Guys Shared Their Experiences Dating Married Women

Dating Married Women In Nigeria

Love, it is said, is blind. The decision to date married women can be blind, but you are not THAT blind to make that decision. Depending on the circumstances, you might date a married woman. However, you should be aware having affairs with married women can be difficult. Not to mention that, should the relationship not work out well after it blossomed, you would have to endure some sort of emotional pain.

Most stay-at-home married women can grow tired with their mundane existence. When wives lack adventurous husbands to make a few adjustments in their lives, the routines can easily rob them of their delight.

The truth is that an individual’s life can be greatly enhanced by sexual adventure, but sadly, many married couples are unable to completely take advantage of this. This can be due to the fact that neither of them is really interested in having thrilling sexual adventures because of the numerous obligations they have at home. This can lead to fewer interesting times at home.

Have you ever thought about whether having affair with married women in Nigeria is acceptable? However, most people respond immediately with “no,” but those all this quick responses actually makes sense? Some women opt to date and engage in highly legal affairs for a variety of very good reasons.

In this post few Nigerian men shared their experience dating married women against all society hypocrisy.

8 Nigerian Guys Shared Their Experiences Dating Married Women

Frank, 34

Men are sc^m but women are sc^mmer. I once dated a lady for 4 years not knowing she got married to another guy 2 years into our relationship. I didn’t know because nothing really changed, except that we because she forms busy all the time. Another thing that I noticed was that she moved to a new place that was very far from me, I stopped visiting her while she visits me instead.

N’s busy of ww.stopped going on dates

She’d come to my place on Fridays and leave for church on Sunday morning. When I found out that she was married 2 years into our relationship, I confronted her. She said she had to because I wasn’t talking about marriage, and she couldn’t tell or break reak up with me because she still wants us to be together. I’m finding it hard to settle down now because I’ve been scared of women since then. I’m traumatized! Fear women!

Anthony, 25

Back in 100 level, I became close to this woman on my street, one thing led to the other, and we started having sex. Her husband goes to work every Friday and comes back home on Monday morning. This woman would send me to the market on This woman would send m Friday to get her foodstuff.

After which I’d cook, clean and then sleep with her at her place. One day, I was cooking in her kitchen when her husband arrived. As soon as I saw him, I was trembling. He asked me who I was but I was so scared that I couldn’t talk. The wife met us there and told him I was the maid she hired to work just on weekends.

The man called me one day and told me that his wife had confessed about our affairs and I should too. I kept denying it until he promised to give me N50k if I say the truth. I lied that I only had sex with her once and it was a mistake.

He was the first person I saw at my hostel the following day. He brought one of his friends and they be@t me blue-black. I still have the scars.

Akeem, 27

My married girlfriend and I kick-started our relationship after she told me she and her husband agreed on an open relationship just to spice up their sex lives. If you know me so well, you’d know how obsessed I am about m!lfs, they turn me on like crazy.

This particular one was so cute, young, and sexy. Four months into our relationship, mama said she was 2- months pregnant. Haaa! She said that either me or her husband is the owner but she can’t find out until after delivery.

I suggested abortion since she already has 3 kids but mama said she can never abort due to past complications. Omo! My head started banging because I haven’t even started my life. We stopped seeing after then because I avoided her. Early this year, she called to tell me that her baby boy looks exactly like me. Ah, modaran!

Ade, 38

I found my wife’s new friend who is also married attractive. At first, I didn’t know how to approach her until the day she winked at me. I talked to her and she agreed that we date. Two weeks later, we planned on meeting at a hotel that was about 2 hours away from my house. I sent her money to book a room and wait for me as it was closer to her place of work (my wife works there as well).

We talked a bit at the hotel restaurant, ate, and then decided to go and chill in the room. I opened the door and to my greatest surprise, my wife was lying on the bed.

Nigerian Guys Shared Their Experiences Dating Married Women

It was just her back view I saw and I instantly took a reverse. While trying to run, her friend pushed me inside and shut the door, she left me and my wife e and my wife inside The The silence in the room thereafter was loud, I and my wife were just staring at each other.

I apologized to my wife and we kuku spent the weekend there. I’ve never set my eyes on that woman afterward. A bloody home wrecker! Weyrey wan scatter my marriage.

Nelson, 26

It was just a fling, but as time went by, I caught feelings, deep and crazy feelings. I wasn’t getting too much attention from my married gf since I was the side hen. I’d stay up all night missing her but I couldn’t call her. Whenever I do, she either acts like her network got bad or I’m one of her employees & had pict I I had pictured her in my home as my wife and as the mother of my kids. I don’t know what came over me one day but I was ready to risk it all.

I haven’t heard from her in a long time so I headed to her house with gifts one Sunday. I sat in front of a shop for about 3 hours to see if she would come out. I got tired of waiting and decided to enter her house.

The husband opened the gate and fear ran down my spine. I told him I was just a delivery guy and he asked for my name. He told me to enter and was checking the gifts. He saw my name written on the love cards I added. He and 4 of his friends that were around.

Ganged up and started passing me to one another like a volleyball. Crazy enough, it was one of her husband’s friends that dropped me off at my junction after they nearly killed me. I didn’t even set my eyes on my Queen, I hope to see her again one day.

Seun, 30

One day, I went to a restaurant and saw my married girlfriend eating with another guy. I went straight to the table and whispered to her ears to come outside for a conversation.

The next thing I heard was “who are you?” from the guy with I forgot I-was the side hen before attack!ng the guy. That’s how we started exchanging blows until the security guys came to separate us.

The guy called the police in my presence, and as I heard him say “my name is Mr. Thomas”, I knew I have carried my two left legs to enter her husband’s trap. My girlfriend was just at one side blonking like a w!tch and avoiding eye contact with me.

The police came and we all headed to the station. Long story short, I spent two good weeks in the station. After my release, I found out she had blocked me everywhere. Women are sc^m.

Efe, 31

Have you heard of thunderbolts? The Yorubas call in Magun (do not climb). A charm some husbands put on their wives to trap their other sex partners. I had a near-death experience with a woman whose husband laced with Magun back in 2019. I don’t know what a married woman was doing on Tinder because that was where we met.

We dated for 4 months and later we eventually met at a hotel 1 months and later we e in Ibadan. As soon as I saw her, my instinct told me not to touch her but I had to because I didn’t want the money I spent to waste, so we move! I was feeling somehow when the sex started but we still move.

Dating Married Women In Nigeria
Dating Married Women In Nigeria: 8 Nigerian Guys Shared Their Experiences Dating Married Women

I started sweating profusely and I was having this urge to somersault. I think this lady knew what was going on already so she dragged me out butt-naked after I’d somersaulted once. I thought I’d die when everyone held me down because I wanted to somersault again so badly.

The gateman of the hotel put something around my neck then called someone who arrived 30 mins later. I was already seeing heaven before I was revived. Imagine landing in heaven because you’re trying to cum. I was celibate since then until this year.

Bola, 27

I met this lady who is in her 50s at a restaurant in Lagos last year. She made the first move and as a sharp guy that needed premium pampering, I went with the flow. She was married with 2 kids and had just returned from the UK with her family to live in Nigeria. Later that day, we started chatting on WhatsApp.

The moment she started admiring my heftiness, I knew she wanted fo be dickmatized from time to time. Don’t worry mummy, sheybi it’s penis you want? Izzz plenty!!! As long as my aza keeps smiling and your husband doesn’t block my windpipe.

She said I shouldn’t worry that she’s well loaded and her husband works in Abuja. Three months into our sexationship, mummy started requesting that I lick her plate, as in I should requesting that lick h give her head. Ahhh @ 50!!! The first time I did, it was as though I was eating an unseasoned efo. This went on and on for 2 months. I couldn’t bear it anymore so I disappeared.

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