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Democracy Day : Here are Five Reason Buhari Should Resign as Nigeria’s President

Acting President Osinbajo and President Buhari


Democracy Day : Here are Five Reason Buhari Should Resign as Nigeria’s President

In 2015 when President Muhammadu Buhari was sworn in as the 4th elected democratic Nigerian’s president, the hope of Nigerians are high because they all thought the messiah as come, but they wait and hoping that everything will be fine in coming years.

Fast forward to 2016, Nigerians lost their cool on President Buhari will power to deliver the change promises he made during the electioneering campaign process, but the beginning of this year, everything as change from loosing hope in the government to the health status of Buhari that made Nigerians to be divided.

As the nation celebrate the democracy day in his absent in London for medical vacation with his doctors, Nigerians are gradually calling for the resignation of President Buhari.

This means — Nigerians are tired for the change promises he made in 2015’s general election. Buhari should go….. Here are Five Reason Why Buhari Should Resign as Nigeria’s President.

Here’s why ailing President Muhammadu Buhari must push forward his resignation letter to the National Assembly…immediately.

1. Nigeria’s got no time for this

Nigerians waited for 16 good years for the then ruling party PDP to deliver the nation with what will called dividends of democracy, but what will got in exchange for it is APC ‘change’ president who’s got good intentions but lacks good health and physical capacity to deliver the ” change ” promises.

Nigerians as suffered too much. We cannot wait for Buhari.

2. There are 170 million of us

Buhari is not the only Nigerians that have good mind of change in heart.  He’s not indispensable like God. He shouldn’t be fearful, yes! they sell it to us and his body language shows that he got Nigeria’s interest at heart, and his exit would spell doom for the country. It won’t. This country has more than enough people to carry on the good work should Buhari step aside.

3. Osinbajo, Lai Mohammed, and Buhari’s media aides are as confused as kukuruku

It’s right time we forget all ‘the power of the Constitution is vested in the VP’ it’s totally nonsense. Osinbajo cannot take decisive action, regarding Nigeria, even if the VP’s life depends on it…as long as Buhari is President, and sick.

Information minister, Lai Mohammed seems to have run of out ‘lies’. Buhari’s media aides, Femi Adesina and Garba Shehu are confused.

One of them said the President would win if he contests in 2019. Is that what Nigeria needs now? If Buhari loves Nigeria, he should resign and end this confusion.

4. Because…Babachir Lawal

It’s right time to ask about the fate of the suspended Secretary General of the Federation? Is he guilty? Will he be jailed? Is he clean? Osinbajo (should have been EFCC) led a probe into Lawal’s alleged stealing of over N200 million from Nigerian IDPs. Report was due May 8. Check the date. We got no word from the Presidency on what Osinbajo found. And this is happening under a President who is fighting corruption?

5. Buhari will never be greater than Jonathan

Jonathan and Buhari

If Buhari dies in office (God forbid), he will never be greater than predecessor, Goodluck Jonathan who conceded defeat when he knew he was beat.

Buhari and his handlers must know that it would be bad for our beloved President to go the way of Umar Yar’Adua. We wish Nigerian well. We wish Buhari well too. And that’s why we feel it is in the interest of both parties for the ailing president to step aside immediately.

Original Version of this Post was First Published on Newsroom.

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