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Exclusive: Adebayo Faleke, Open Ups on Why He Quits Splash FM Ibadan


Exclusive: Adebayo Faleke, Open Ups on Why He Quits Splash FM Ibadan

Adebayo Faleke, Reveals Reason Why He Quits Splash FM Ibadan

Adebayo Faleke, Reveals Reason Why He Quits Splash FM Ibadan

In the recent years, the likes of Adenike Adewuyi Lanleyin, Don Tee, Anne Nwaghodoh has part ways with the most listen radio station in the south-west of Nigeria and first independent radio station in the city of Ibadan, Splash FM 105.50, but joining them is another prolific broadcaster Adebayo Faleke, popularly know as Kakaaki Eledumare.

Adebayo Faleke , who co-anchors the popular news programmes; “Tifuntedo” and “GBANKOGBI” alongside with Kola Ladoke and Folake Otuyelu, has been out of work for some time now. He is also the presenter of the only Yoruba entertainment show on Splash FM, called ” Bebe Extra ”.

According to a press statement he released out on his official blog reveals the reason why he quiet Splash FM Ibadan.

“Everything I have done on radio is just an expression of a novice to contribute his quota to existence of this planet earth”.

Your own, your very homeboy Adebayo Faleke, Kakaaki Eledumare, has released a press statement, clearing the air on why he quits the pioneer private radio station in Oyo State, Splash FM. Read his press release below:

“Love doesn’t die, legacy lives on, even after you leave” – Adebayo Faleke

“I feel blessed, I feel humbled and I feel belonged. There are times words fail to convey our deepest feeling, I hope you understand. Who am I and what have given you? Everything I have done on radio is just an expression of a novice to contribute his quota to existence of this planet earth. I was lifted by you and you have been sustaining me. To say I feel humbled by your inundating calls, text messages and messages on social media is stating the obvious. I have truly got the meaning of this saying that; ýou know your true friends in moment of adversity’. You have shown me you are real and wish me well, not because of the platform I used in forging my career but intrinsic charisma in me which I never knew was there until now. All of you, my dearest fan: I love you without blemish.

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I am grateful to the platform I have been given to reach this level. It is no doubt I never envisage the marriage could end this way. Who knows if there could be a re-union?

But I must state the fact leaving Splash FM105.5 is one of the daunting decisions I have ever made. I know things happened for a reason, my engagement in the station and all the meritorious services I rendered there will continue to speak for me. I must acknowledge the Chairman of the station, founder of West-Midlands Communications Limited, Chief Adebayo Akande, a visionary man per excellence and someone whose passion is to give helping hands to aspiring people. He never stopped believing in us and has never ceased to support us through the thick and the thin. I am just blessed to draw from your wealth of knowledge, wisdom and experience. I also appreciate the management for accommodating a restless mind like me. I thank all my colleagues for the love bestowed on me even till this present moment. Can someone have a better family?

Splash FM105.5 is a station we love to deliver broadcasting excellence, even if it means we disagree to arrive at what is best for our massive audience. I love the family and will surely miss them. That I am leaving the station is not a result of bitter feud but mutual understanding by all parties. Sometimes change is needed to attain your goals in life. Abraham Lincoln once said; ‘show me a satisfied man and I will show you a failure’. I would have continued to live as a man who has arrived, considering where I am coming from, but the fact that I know where God has taken me so far, I am rest assured that He is leading me to a greater level. I’ve been having comfort and it is time to leave my comfort zone, I want to test the water in another realm. Am I afraid of the future? I do not think so and if at all, it is what has propelled me to take this leap and make sure my present does not chastise me for wasting the opportunities it presented to me now.

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For my fans who have been so worried about my destination, uhm… You will definitely know when time comes because “oun ti a fi pamo ni oun niyi”, beside, “eni ti a n gbe iyawo bo wa ba ki garun”. I will soon feed you and update and from there we will continue from where we stopped in a bigger, better and greater dimension. Trust your homeboy to give it to you in amazing platform. “E sa mop e bebe ko le tan nile eni to ni ara”.

Finally, join me in thanking God, Who is my anchor and the One who shows me direction and Who has never got tired of me. He always understands me and is merciful unto me. I owe God more than I can ever repay. To God alone be all the glory in all I have ever be in life and that I will ever be in the present and in future. I take a bow”.


Adebayo Faleke,

Kakaaki Eledumare.

According to my own further investigation reveals that Bayo is currently in USA, but will give you full details of my findings on him.

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