Gistyinka Rebranded to GYONLINENG

Gistyinka Rebranded to GYONLINENGYes! Surprise, surprise, surprise…. You heard me right.

After wonderful years and interesting journey on, I’ve decided to rebrand the platform to GYONLINENG.COM.


No other than ‘’ EVOLUTION ‘’.

Years ago, when I started the journey of blogging without any knowledge of what it means though despite all odds, my passion for blogging keeps me going and my desire of building a media empire in this digital era drives me to where I am today with my desire of living the dotcom lifestyle of what blogging business is all about.

It has been an interesting journey over the years with the Gistyinka brand, but as the world is moving Change is constant for an entrepreneur achieves more success away from the old era. Did I call myself an entrepreneur? Yes, every blogger can refers themselves as an entrepreneur because they are master of all trade.

Every blogger are creative strategy of the brand, they are content provider (which require a lot of research and time to put together a lovely content for their readers), they also in the helms of marketing of the brand – they promotes their brand in various forms and also convinces brands and individual to advert on their platform and lastly they are accountant because they know tools to buy in other to enhance their platform in front of wider audience and also they can give you complete and correct audit of their site traffic , profit and loss of each month.

WHY Rebranding?

The times, they are A-Changin’

Let’s be clear……

For me as an entrepreneur there are some time where the product you have in hand working or reaching the rightful potential it deserve or foresee, that’s the time you need to go back to drawing board and re-strategies on what is the way FORWARD.

It’s an interesting journey for me building the brand Gistyinka, but I find it not interesting anymore following the model be the next John Chow, Perez Hilton, Linda Ikeji, Omojuwa, Onobello, and other who has built successful brand behind their name. In that case should I say am a Failure?

Yes am a failure because I buy into change, but NO because I don’t want to be seen as Roc-Fella brand but I wanted to be seen as successful and well –structured company.

Another reason is hat Nigeria online media space has changed in recent years, is well funded local company with rumours owned by Belarus internet entrepreneur, is owned by Swiss media company, is owned by serial entrepreneur Adekunle Ayeni, is one of brand product under Red Media Africa imprint, while the traditional newspaper has flood the online space and lastly some platform are well backed and funded by Politicians. All these led me to rethink what is next forward. The online space in Nigeria is not joke anymore and it’s survive of the fittest which means I need to prepare myself and face the world.

The Vision for GYONLINENG

As of right now, GYONLINENG is here to educate, inform and entertain you.

This time around is business unusual. We’re coming with series unusual stuffs and product masterclass.

‘’ The Media Blog Meet

The Powerful List

Expert Opinion Round-Up

Masteclass Event and Conference

This time around we’re here to bring you closer to us for more engagement.

I can’t promise it’ll be easy. I can’t promise it’’ll be fast. I can’t promise it’ll be painless.

But I’ll make this commitment to you right now that it will be better platform you will be proud of, than what we used to be before.


I welcome you into journey of GYONLINENG.COM

By gistyinka

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