New artists come and go…!

The pressure in the industry can be overwhelming and only the destined ones survive the storm. DonYom smiles from across the mixing console as we delve into our discuss.

Being a relatively new artist comes with its many uncertainties, fears, joy, and anticipation, in a bid to prove a point to yourself that you have what it takes to be great.

There is always the pressure to want to fit into an already existing mold, and as blissful as staying true to your own unique sound and style of expression can be, it can also be a curse in itself.

New Artist DonYom Cracks The Code As He Climbs To The Top

Stereotype cuts deep into the music culture, operating under what is called the working system; the working prototype; a torch from music legends passed down to the next generations in very quick successions……yet a different type of torch also got passed to a set of brave sojourners in the ever evolving Music Industry.

When asked about his sound, DonYom has this to say “l don’t yet sound like I want to sound, l strongly believe in the dynamics of evolution and l must be quick to admit that my sound is still evolving. I am on this journey with an open heart, yet resolute on my goal. The confinement of being boxed in a musical style or genre is so burdensome,l would rather prefer to be addressed as an eclectic lifestyle singer who only uses the befitting genre to express his message.”

DonYom takes solace in the the career of an artist like Kendrick Lamar who switched up his music image to become the music god we all adore today. DonYom also spoke about his soon coming EP titled “Inspired By Love “.

The EP is actually truly inspired by Love,totally written by DonYom himself and it is due for release on the 30th of November 2017. The ” Inspired By Love ” is DonYom ‘s first major introduction to the music scene and he is super excited about his new project.
The introduction of a new artist creates a thrill but most importantly, it is the pace of their evolution and subtle injection into an already running system that fascinates the final consumers.

I retired comfortably into the studio seat and as l enjoyed the songs from the ” Inspired by Love ”  EP… l smiled with satisfaction and said to DonYom, l am sure the fans would love and accept your music.

By gistyinka

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