Adekunle GoldHighlife Romantic King Adekunle Gold Dreams to Perform Next Year Coachella Music Festival, But Why Nigerian Agree With Him Will Amaze You

Sometimes last year, millions of Nigerian music lovers all lost their mind when report had it that legendary Nigerian Juju Music King, Sunny Ade will perform at the iconic and prestigious Coachella music festival in the US, alongside with world’s new generation of music stars such as Kendrick Lamar, Lorde, Lil Uzi Vert, Lady Gaga and DJ Khaled.

All have been dusted and forgotten since last year, but the bigger excitement was for this year edition as Nigerian music superstar and RCA Records/Sony Music act Wizkid was announced to be representing Nigeria for this festival.

However, this year edition has come an gone as Wizkid failed to perform at both 2 weeks for this year, citing logistics issue to get a visa for his band member. Though, US Based Nigerian entertainment lawyer Ms. Uduak ditches out an interesting analysis on the failed performance of Wizkid with a blog post on her site: Fails to Perform at Again – Overwhelmed Artist, Incompetent Management or a Reflection of the True State of the Nigerian Music Industry?.

As the discussion continues to go on social media on the absent of Wizkid at the year edition, Nigerian unopposed urban highlife romantic king Adekunle Gold took to Twitter to share his Coachella dreams, and the reactions have been almost unanimously positive. Anyone who’s seen the “Ire” singer and his band live performance won’t need a lot of convincing on why he’s a perfect choice.

Adekunle Gold
Highlife Romantic King Adekunle Gold Dreams to Perform At Next Year Coachella Music Festival, But Why Nigerian Agrees With Him Will Amaze You

One tweeter stated that Adekunle Gold’s Yoruba-heavy songs wouldn’t be a good fit for the festival (a point King Sunny Ade’s invitation renders totally moot) and another tweeter declared that he isn’t “Coachella material” (an opinion that’s just straight up BS).

Well, considering Adekunle Gold’s invitation to perform at this year’s South by South West (SXSW) and the overall quality of his music, we don’t think a Coachella invitation is that far off or far-fetched. In fact, we are already anticipating #Goldchella 2019.

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