Week 1 Highlights & Summary of BBNaija Housemates 2022

Highlights of BBNaija 2022 Housemates For Week 1 in the Level Up Season

The twin launch weekend got off to an explosive start! 24 of the new Housemates have been revealed, and millions of people have been eager to meet them.

Be the last man or woman standing. Different people, different personalities, but the same mission. One by one, the housemates entered the building that will serve as their new residence. More people welcomed certain housemates than others.

Groovy, the first resident to arrive, started the introductions by outlining his personality and his loves and dislikes. The other residents of the house, including Phyna, Amaka, Kess, Bryann, Ilebaye, Khalid, Daniella, Cyph, Beauty, Pharmsavi, and Christy O., came after him.

Other housemates asked for further opportunities to share more about themselves, so some introductions were lengthier than others.

As housemates prepared for bed, wigs and shirts came off, but the chatter never stopped. There was no sign of sleep because everyone was so excited to be at Biggie’s place. Housemates remarked on how proud they are to have made it into the house, with Cyph saying that auditioning for Big Brother Naija was the ultimate act of “firing your shot.”

Week 1 Highlights & Summary of BBNaija 2022 Housemates
#BBNaija Week 1 Highlights & Summary of BBNaija 2022 Housemates From First Entry, Diary Sessions & Potential Ships #BBNaija2022

The first group of Housemates were formally introduced by Big Brother before they started about choosing their mattresses and closets. Naturally, the ladies first took a quick tour of Biggie’s home to admire the furnishings.

Day 2: Lit mornings and high energy in the House – BBNaija

While some people like to wake up alone, the Big Brother Naija Level Up housemates danced and played loud music as they did so. The Level 2 Housemates relaxed in their lounge while listening to music and drinking their morning coffee.

The Level 1 housemates followed their Level 2 counterparts in congregating in the Arena when Biggie demanded their immediate presence there. After all, you don’t need to follow up on Biggie’s “jump” command.

A section of the morning’s workout was guided by Eloswag, who demonstrated a fun and simple dancing routine. Eloswag, though, stayed away from the remainder of the group exercise. He chose to concentrate on his dance moves. Maybe he was getting ready for his workout tomorrow.

Level 1 housemates took turns leading the group and adding squats and cardio exercises.

Doyin squatted with Bella balanced on his shoulders like a dumbbell. Bella smiled sometimes while Doyin squatted, appearing to enjoy the journey.

On Level 2, dance routines also became popular, with Kess, Christy O, and Groovy practicing in front of the mirror. At some point, Christy O encouraged Groovy to join the chat, and he accepted, saying, “I’ve been adored for a minute.” He responded consistently when she questioned him about his music, writing process, and passion: “Music is me. Music is groovy.

Groovy appears to be very popular in the home. Although Beauty admits she feels something for him, she claims she doesn’t want to upset him because she knows other women are also attracted to him. However, Kess acknowledged that he liked Beauty and that he wanted to talk to her about her drinking, which he believes was a contributing factor in her erratic behavior last night.

Khalid was the subject of some of Beauty’s morning hugging, after which she quickly family zoned him. She responded to him, “You make me feel like a big bro.”

On Level 1, the housemates grew close while conversing and supporting one another on the couch. Diana received encouragement from Hermes, Eloswag, and Allysyn to enter the beauty industry. She was receiving remarks from her housemates about how lovely her hands and skin are.

This was rather similar to the conversations from yesterday night.

Diana received many compliments from Eloswag yesterday. He enquired about her business, what talents she has, and whether she liked Nigeria or France.

Sheggz is yet another household favorite. Last night, women were swooning over the former football player from London who is now an actor. As the Level 1 housemates got to know one another, he sat close to Bella. Their physical proximity sparked a private dialogue. Bella meticulously described her dream marriage proposal, giving every every detail.

Chichi vs Bella

One thing to note about the Big Brother Level Up home is that the fighting is already happening, and it’s not in the Level 2 House, as many of you had predicted on social media, family.

Some of the Level 1 Housemates went outside to grab some fresh air and relax on the daybeds after receiving their task briefing before starting to work in their various groups. Everything was going smoothly until Chichi and Bella, two Housemates who both take pleasure in speaking their thoughts and not holding back, got into a violent dispute over the Task and how it should be carried out.

Chichi expressed her displeasure with the Task pairings, which sparked the altercation. Bella responded by informing the woman that she ought to have spoken her concerns earlier rather than waiting until now. Everyone watched as the ladies fought among themselves with loud voices (and laughed at a point).

When the fight reached boiling point, Chichi yelled “Don’t shout at me like a market woman. Before you try me, try crack.” Bella’s response? “That one no enter”. Whew, ladies!

Day 3: Early mornings are for flirting – BBNaija

Ever since his first night in Biggie’s House, Eloswag has been hidden from the prying eyes of hungry shippers. He is one of the Housemates that has expressed a keen interest in the romantic relationships of a few of the Level 1 Housewives. He spoke with Diana about her relationship status, the qualities she values in a man, and his own dating philosophy the night he moved into the House.

On day three, he made the decision to indulge in his favorite pasttime by fun flirting with Allysyn and asking her what her opinion was on partnerships.

Eloswag began cracking jokes while in the dining room, which led Allysyn to accuse him of being flirtatious. Allysyn was instructed to receive the energy by Dotun, who was nearby. Eloswag continued by enquiring about her interest in becoming close. She replied that while she wasn’t, she was willing to spoon. Eloswag, who was quick to point out that there was actually no difference and provided an explanation for his assertion, didn’t let this pass him by.


Allysyn kept yelling at him, but Dotun interrupted and advised him to keep talking because she might just be picking up feelings. Whatever the situation, Eloswag has hinted that he might not give in any time soon by sarcastically declaring his intention to annoy her.

Housemates Prepared for Wager Bet Task for Big Brother Naija Season 7
Highlights of BBNaija 2022 Housemates For Week 1 in the Level Up Season

Eloswag’s inquiries led Allysyn to elaborate on her perspective on relationships and how she maintains her sense of reality by seeking out a quality that makes the person she might be crushing on dislikeable. Will this approach be successful with Eloswag?

We also question whether Eloswag is sincere about Allysyn or just cruising.

Day 4: Bryann plans a Level 2 takeover – BBNaija

The Level 2 Housemates of #BBNaija have a lot to say about their Level 1 counterparts. A large part of this was caused by their encounter with them at the HoH Games, where they met them after losing the HoH crown to a Housemate in Level 1.

This conclusion was drawn from the Diary Sessions as well, where many Level 2 Housemates thought Level 1 Housemates were more unified than they were.

Bryan, on the other hand, was not amused by this story and spoke out strongly against it. Bryann argued against the notion that the Level 1 Housemates were more unified than they actually were in a talk with Amaka, Christy O, and Cyph.

The opposing House would have felt the same way about them if they had won the HoH Games, he claimed, adding that they only appeared that way because a Level 1 Housemate did. Additionally, he insisted that, during the Task presentation on Friday, the Level 2 Housemates must oppress the Level 1 Housemates. He continues by saying that they needed to seem serious enough to put the Level 1 Housemates on edge and be appropriately attired for the situation.

To accentuate their point Bryann argued that they needed at least two victories in a row over the Level 1 Housemates in addition to his ability to sow discontent among them through casual discussions.

Christy O concluded their discussion by stating that the Level 2 Housemates were superior to their Level 1 Housemates.

Do you believe the Level 2 Housemates will be able to accomplish this? We are eager to observe how their strategies play out in upcoming Tasks.

Day 5: First Level Up Pool Party

The Level 1 Housemates rocked the sunglasses and the bikinis and got everyone talking, regardless of the fact that the Pool Party took place in the middle of the night.

After winning the first Head of House of the season, the Level 1 Housemates were fired up for their pool party. Despite the fact that it was the middle of the night, everyone brought the heat, with some wearing sun shades as proof. Provocative dancing moves are one thing that Africa was fed in abundance of, and undoubtedly, the twerk continues to win. The men were in a real struggle since they couldn’t help but want to approach the women closer—who wouldn’t?

The exotic dancer Chichi from the Level was the first to be challenged by self-described ladies man Hermes and his high-waist short shorts as he gyrated with all his might, mirroring her skilled skills. Sheggz and Bella literally behaved as if nobody else existed. Bella entered the pool first wearing a hot bikini, and she displayed a few strokes just before Sheggz joined her. After that, the performance was over. Diana, on the other hand, chose a more laid-back approach, gazing at herself in the glass while she danced quickly in her white high-heeled shoes and avoided the Pool as much as she could.

In her vivid peach bikini, Chomzy was quite the free spirit as she waltzed from Giddyfia to Hermes to anyone else who was up for a good time. The men occasionally engaged in a gyrating competition, which was organized by Adekunle and included Giddyfia, Hermes, Dotun, and HoH Eloswag. The following are some quotable statements made by #BBNaija supporters that had us in stitches:

Shall we already appoint the king and queen of the inaugural pool party?

Level 1 Housemates received the fewest points for the Task Presentation after a week of preparation. Biggie believed Level 2 Housemates performed better than the other two groups, who each presented what they considered to be their finest. Their presentations were evaluated based on their originality, ingenuity, and organization.

Week 1 Highlights & Summary of BBNaija Housemates 2022

Day 6: Level 2 Housemates win the first Weekly Wager – BBNaija

The Housemates went to their House, sat on the couch, and began talking about how they felt about losing the Wager after being given five seconds to exit the Arena. They all concurred that they lacked the drive necessary to win the Weekly Wager. Head of House Eloswag listened quietly while taking notes while sitting in his chair.

Hermes mirrored Adekunle’s attempt at consoling everyone by saying that everyone did their best.

When Eloswag began discussing his opinion of their performances and urged everyone to express their rage, things changed. He expressed his disappointment at the defeat while also feeling that the Housemates had not taken the Task Presentation seriously. Eloswag commanded, “Stop speculating and start playing.” He also said that while Level 2 Housemates are warriors, they need to put in the effort and concentrate because they are lovers.

The Housemates’ inability to effectively communicate with one another was another factor. Dotun brought this up while remaining composed and speaking his mind.

Their most recent Task loss, in which they were forced to give Level 2 their cupcakes, added to their dismay. When Chomzy was speaking, Hermes left the group discussion. They were now evaluating themselves against the other Housemates. He was yelling at the Housemates about how foolish it is for them to compare themselves to other people when he returned.

He continued to be upbeat, emphasizing that everyone did their best, and that was sufficient. After finally offering Chomzy an apology, they hugged. Chomzy urges the group to concentrate on the game rather than being kind and considerate of one another. She continued telling her fellow Housemates, “This is a game.

Bella expressed her profound disappointment and claimed that the House lost because they were only concerned with love and ships. On the other hand, Chomzy did not wish to embellish the truth. She cared about the outcome, and they fell short. She desired for her other Housemates to experience rage and direct it into ensuring that they succeed in the upcoming Task.

Report Credit: Bella Naija 

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