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These Are Hilarious Things Nigerian Girls Do Before Valentine

Valentine is a very special day to celebrate love. As it is a few days away, Men are already making calculations on how to have a romantic dinner at one of the best hotels in Lagos while women are preparing to receive gifts and be swept away by their lover. By the way, it is only in this part of the world, men pay for nearly everything. Later, ladies will say Nigerian men are not romantic.

There is godooo! Anyways, for Nigerian girls, there are some changes you will observe in them as valentine approaches (of course the change is not to give you a special valentine treat. oyo). The things they do before valentine is simply to get you to give because God loves a cheerful giver! Jumia Travel gathers some of the weird but sometimes annoying things Nigerian girls do before valentine

They cling to their boyfriends

There are quite a number of ladies searching for guys who will Val them. For the ones who are in relationships, they become agitated. They don’t want to lose their boyfriend to another woman. They call them almost every second, want to go to the movies with them every weekend and even they parties they are not invited they will be there. They will not give you breathing space. In fact, you dare not dangle breakup to their faces!

Red is the new colour

Even girls who don’t like colour red will adorn it. They just want to join the red bandwagon. A touch of red is not enough for them. They wear red clothes, red shoes, red lipsticks, and red skirts all in the name of valentine. There nothing wrong with but it’s just valentine, madam!

They are suddenly very responsive

You have been talking to this particular girl since December, she is always being cold and unresponsive. But as Valentine is a few days away, you notice that she becomes friendly that she even calls you for the very first time since you started wooing her. My brother, don’t be carried away, it is the valentine.

Their dress sense change

This may not apply to all girls but some of them tweak their dress sense to get more attention from men. Unfortunately, this change in dress is not all that decent. It is better to be yourself whether it is valentine or not.

They become regular in church

A Church is a place where you can meet a prospective partner. For ladies who are not regular in the church, you suddenly see them frequenting different churches. In fact, they are very selective in the kind of churches they attend.


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