How to Apply for Canadian Work VisaHow to Apply for Canadian Work Visa: These are the Documents You Need As A Nigerian

How to Apply for Canadian Work Visa

Young Nigerians searching for locations with greater possibilities have recently made living the Canadian dream their objective.

After a few years of living abroad, there have been stories of young individuals succeeding in life. Even one man has left his position at the Central Bank of Nigeria in order to pursue the Canadian dream.

Although there may be more chances in Canada, few people are aware of the requirements for visa applications. We will examine a summary guide on applying for a work visa provided by the Canadian government in this paper.

Before submitting an application for a work visa, a foreigner must have certain documents. These are documents needed to apply for Canadian work visa, and it includes a resume, proof of funds, and police records that should be produced when an interviewer requests them.

1. Proof of Financial Support

You will need to have your bank statement on hand because it will be requested when you arrive in Canada, according to the Canadian government.

Additionally, this declaration must not be older than one week at the time of your entry into Canada. You must have C$2,500 in total (N791,090). This money will ensure that you have enough to eat for three months in Canada without receiving a paycheck.

You risk receiving a fine if you enter Canada with more than $10,000 (N3,164,361.14) without declaring it.

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2. Medical Examinations

If you want to travel to one of the designated countries within six months, you must get a medical exam before you may apply for a work permit.

3. Health Insurance

Although you are not required to have health insurance before you apply for a work visa, it is crucial that you get coverage before you travel to Canada that will last the duration of your stay.

4. Police Certificates

This must be obtained before leaving Nigeria. An officer may request this when processing your visa.

5. Your CV

The Canadian government mandated that the following information be included on the CV:

  • Education and Professional Experience (main duties for each job).

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6. Your Certificate

If the skill level C of your employment offer applies to you, you must produce a diploma or degree certificate.

How to Apply for Canadian Work Visa
How to Apply for Canadian Work Visa: These are the Documents You Need As A Nigerian

7. Fees

Each participant in the International Experience Canada program will pay C$156, albeit the amount is relative (N49,334.86).

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This is not a comprehensive list of the actions to take and the documentation you’ll need because certain processes depend more on your immigration status than others. Here, you could consult a very thorough guidebook or your travel counselor.

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