MI AbagaBudding Rapper N6 Replies M.I's Controverisla Song '' You Rapper Should Fix Up, Your Lives '', M.I Abaga Responds Back to N6

Nigerian dope rapper, bars dropper and Chocolate City Music boss M.I Abaga, is the man in the middle of Hip-Hop radar discussion right now.

The self-acclaimed Messiah of Hip-Hop genre of music in Nigeria, has informed the general public that he’s most supportive rapper in the Africa continent. He made statement after his controversial single ” You Rapper Should Fix Up, Your Lives “, riling people up, where he fires fellow colleagues to step up their bars by being a better rappers.

Though, some sees it as a welcoming development for the culture, while other are questioning MI’s audacity to put out such a song. Some young upcoming rappers has used the opportunity to shine up by replying back to M.I with same beat of their own version.

I’M the Most Supportive Rapper in History of African Hip-Hop — M.I Abaga

One of the upcoming rapper is Payper Corleone, replies M.I with Top 5 Dead or Alive, he stated that MI is part of the problem he is identifying as he doesn’t support rappers as he should. MI’s response to messages like Payper’s is;

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