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Kanye West Remarries Bianca Censori In Private Ceremony

Two months after officially finalising the divorce marriage between his former partner Kim Kardashian, American rap mogul & father of four, Kanye West, reportedly remarried Yeezy designer, Bianca Censori, in a private ceremony & and the pair have been spotted wearing wedding rings.

After the wedding, Kanye was first seen wearing his band, which symbolizes his commitment to her, according to reports.

Despite the wedding ceremony, the couple does not appear to have submitted a marriage certificate, so their union is not legitimate.

It’s unclear how long they’ve known one another or been dating, although Bianca started working for Kanye West’s Yeezy brand in November 2020.

Who Is Bianca Censori

Who Is Bianca Censori

She obtained the position after earning a Master’s in building design from Melbourne University in Australia, where she is listed as Head of Architecture.

By releasing the song Censori Overload, which is a play on his “wife’s” last name, Kanye paid homage to her last month. And The Bible stated, I can’t have any more sex till marriage, he sang in the song, revealing that he remained celibate before getting married.

Bianca Censori

The song’s opening line, “Waking up to “I can’t do this anymore” text,” along with the lines “I know it’s because the headlines / Why she want to leave,” seem to be references to his breakup with Kim.

The rapper was observed on Monday conversing with Bianca and eating at the Waldorf Astoria in Beverly Hills.

Kanye West Remarries Bianca Censori Secretly

In denim jeans and a green bomber jacket, Kanye, who recently legally changed his name to Ye, presented a relaxed image.

He was spotted with having a bite to eat and chatting to his new ‘wife’.

Bianca, whose brown hair was recently turned platinum blonde, looked stylish with a patterned green shirt and slicked-back hair.

The jewelry company Nylon’s was founded by Bianca while she was still a student.

Before realizing the possibility to open a store, she and her friend Irene started producing Swarovski crytal chokers and bracelets for friends and family.Bianca Censori Height


Bianca worked as a design consultant for a year after graduating, then as a student architect for three years.

After there, she went on to get a Master’s between 2019 and 2020 before relocating to Los Angeles when she obtained the Yeezy position.

It follows the November settlement of Kanye’s divorce from Kim. After three years of courtship, they were wed in a grandiose Florence ceremony in 2014.

Bianca Censori

Kim hasn’t officially addressed Kanye’s recent marriage, but on Friday she released a slew of cryptic sayings.

On her Instagram Stories she shared: ‘I’m really in my quiet girl era, I don’t have much to say. Just much to do.’

She later added: ‘Just remember, the black sheep usually turns into a goat. Keep doing you.’

Her final post read: ‘People who want to see you win will help you win. Remember that.’

Kanye West Censori Overlord Lyrics or Censori Overlord Lyrics by Kanye West

Waking up to

“I can’t do this anymore” text

And The Bible said

I can’t have anymore sex

Till marriage

no drip till Paris

And the meek shall flourish

So where is my aris

You wouldn’t understand

Kanye West Remarries
Kanye West Remarries With Bianca Censori



How thin this air is

Friends just staring

And everyone’s a Karen

When they claim they care and

Wasn’t given a fair hand

Getting calls from parents

God calls for prayer rants

Temptation at a mere glance

I forgot what fear is

I forgot what fear is

I forgot what fear is

Other than the fear off almighty yashua

Who knew ya

Before you knew who you was

Wear a Donda tee

For you respond to me

You know honestly

Yall all honor me

I know it’s ’cause the headlines

Why she wanna leave

You know I follow God

So you should follow me

I ain’t never rock with none of y’all no way

And I’m pulling up in that white OJ

And the watch filled up with Oshays

That’s Jackson ’cause it’s nasty

Tweeted deathcon

Now we past three

Tweeted deathcon

Now we past three

In February 2021, Kim filed for divorce from her husband of almost seven years. North, 9, Saint, 7, Chicago, 4, and Psalm, 3, are the children of the previous couple.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Children
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian With there four Children

The couple’s divorce was finally finalized after more than a year and numerous venomous Instagram rants from Kanye that exposed their custody dispute and behind-the-scenes drama.

Report Credit: Daily Mail 


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