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South Korean Automobile car manufacturing company Kia owned by Hyundai Group, rebranded with a brand new name including a new logo along with a new pyrotechnic known as KN Car.

Kia redesigned its formerly recognizable circular “KIA” logo, which it had in some form since 1994, to a more stylized depiction of the company’s name in January 2021. According to The Drive, the change has completely confused potential customers. Because the changes cause missed reactions among some people, and industry outlets, while some industry experts disagree.

According to Ed Kim, president, and chief analyst at research and consulting firm AutoPacific, search traffic from Kia’s confusing logo may be working in their favor. “If [the new logo] is noticeable enough to people they’re Googling ‘What is this logo?’ I would make the case the logo is actually doing its job,” he told Entrepreneur.

Before we continue, let’s talk about a brief history of the Kia Car, Kia was founded in 1944 and is owned by South Korea’s Hyundai Motor Group. According to Popular Mechanic, after investing more in the cars, the company mounted a remarkable rebrand, going from an entry-level car in the 2000s to now topping vehicle quality studies.

However, the number of Kia and Hyundai vehicles sold in the United States has increased by approximately 61% since 2010, according to CNBC, and the company expects to sell over 1.4 million vehicles in the United States by 2021, according to industry data from Cox Automotive.

Why Kia’s Rebrand?

Yes, Kia has rebranded into KN Car. On January 6th, KIA unveiled a new brand logo and global brand slogan emphasizing its commitment to future transformation. The new logo embodies and represents symmetry, rhythm, and rising, all of which demonstrate the company’s commitment to its customers.

KN car brand
Everything You Need to Know About KN Car, As Kia Car Rebranded Into KN Cars

So, if you’re searching for what is KN car brand, what car is KN or what is a KN car? Stop that search now, and you’ve probably seen the new KN cars and wondered when this new car brand was introduced and why their cars look so much like something looks so familiar & sleek.

It is, in fact, KIA Cars. You are not alone in your perplexity. Since their recent logo redesign, KIA now known as KN Car Brand has received some (perhaps well-deserved) criticism for their confusing font choice.

Guys, you’re not actually crazy if you’re insinuating that. Kia redesigned their logo into KN Car Brand along with KN Car Logo.

The KN car brand does not exist. Kia’s new logo resembles a “KN,” leading some to believe that a new, exciting KN car brand has entered the market, but it is simply Kia.

What Does Kia’s New Logo Look Like?

Kia’s new logo features italicized, slanted, blocky letters, in case you haven’t noticed. The top corner of the wide, slanting “K” drops directly into an “I.” The letter “I” then slopes up into an upside-down carrot. It’s an “A,” but there’s no middle line, so… do you see the problem here?

KN car logo

Because of the lack of letter separation, many people mistake it for a “KN” rather than a “KIA.” The moment you realize it’s KIA, you can see it, it’s just odd.

Why Is the Kia Logo So Confusing?

With the way the fluid is, it is monumental. We don’t get any dot or extra line to clarify the “I” or “A,” which we didn’t get in the old Kia logo, and now all of the letters are mashed together, making it even more difficult to understand.

But they were after something here. The redesign’s goal was to make the logo appear fluid, dynamic, and futuristic. It was accompanied by a catchy new slogan, “Movement that inspires.” This redesign is part of Kia’s larger plan to secure a leadership position in the future of mobility.

What Car Company Logo is KN?

The new car logo “KN” is actually a misinterpretation of Kia’s new logo. Despite what our eyes may actually insinuate, what appears to be “KN” is actually “K I A.”

KN Car

Is KN a new car company?

Don’t get it twisted, KN is not a new car manufacturing company or new car company. It’s only Kia.

Why does Kia have a KN logo?

Kia does not have a KN logo; instead, they have a very unique new KIA logo.

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