Kwaku The Traveller by Black SherifDownload Kwaku The Traveller by Black Sherif MP3 Audio

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Following the massive success of Second Sermon Remix, which features Grammy Award winner Nigerian superstar Burna Boy, the Ghanaian rapper Black Sherif returns with a new potential hit single named, Kwaku The Traveller.

Kwaku The Traveller by Black Sherif is a song where he narrates his journey to the limelight on his beautiful classic record, which serves as his debut for the year.

If you’re searching for Black Sherif New Song or Black Sherif Talk Talk, don’t search any longer you’re at the right place.

Kwaku The Traveller by Black Sherif
Download Kwaku The Traveller by Black Sherif MP3 Audio

Black Sheriff Kwaku The Traveller Lyric

Kwaku killa don’t lie when i say i did it, i did it (i did it, i did it)
Big stacks big cash my way but still i fumbled it
Under one minute
Still i can’t believe
But i can’t blame myself for this shit
I knew mandem was born for this shit

Of course i fucked up
Who never fuck up hands in the air, no hands?
Still i can’t believe, you know what i mean
I was young what you expect from me?
It is what it is

Remember you know a traveler
The name is Kweku, the hustler
He’s been far away chasing gwallala
I’ll be back again bro, meka menan
I swear on my life
I can’t wait to be back
I know you miss me I know

Kwaku The Traveller MP3 Download Lyrics, Kwaku The Traveller Lyrics Download, Black Sherif – Kwaku The Traveller

Download Kwaku The Traveller by Black Sherif MP3 Audio

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