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Meet Heir to Billionaire Aliko Dangote Fortune & Wealth, The Person that Will Inherit Dangote’s Wealth

Dangote Heir


Meet Heir to Billionaire Aliko Dangote Fortune & Wealth, The Person that Will Inherit Dangote’s Wealth

The founder and CEO of Dangote Group, Alhaji Aliko Dangote is the richest black man in the world with net worth of US$12.5 billion, according Forbes ranking index of February 2017.

With all the wealth and fortune by the African richest person Aliko Dangote, here’s the heir to Aliko Dangote fortune. Who is Aliko Dangote’s first son? Find out the heir who inherits the companies and properties of Africa’s richest business man, Dangote in this write-up.

Aliko Dangote has a son whose name is Abdulrahman Fasasi. It is said that he is not the biological first son but he was adopted by Dangote. As you can see that he doesn’t bear the name of Nigeria’s richest man.

While much is not known about Abdulrahman Fasasi’s public life, wife, family and businesses, we know that he is currently doing really fine just like his half sisters.

According to Wikipedia, Alhaji Dangote has 15 children but has no wife. He had married several other women, but they all ended in divorce. Those marriages gave rise to pregnancies with his children from these marriages known to the public.
Although, there are four popular children of Aliko Dangote. Three of these children are his biological children, while the fourth is an adopted child. It’s even said that his children has stakes in his companies or better still, runs the companies.

Dangote Family

Meet Heir to Billionaire Aliko Dangote Fortune & Wealth, The Person that Will Inherit Dangote’s Wealth

The names of Dangote’s children are Mariya Dangote, Fatima Dangote, Halima Dangote and Abdulrahman Fasasi Dangote’s only son who is the adopted male child and maybe the heir to his wealth. If you’ve noticed, all his children despite their father’s wealth and popularity have kept a very low profile.
You hardly hear Abdulrahman, Halima and other daughters on TV or even on the pages of newspapers like Otedola’s children and other richest families in Nigeria. It seems they are more preoccupied with business than celebrity status.

As said earlier, Abdulrahman may be the adopted son of a very rich man, but is an easy going person. We could not ascertain his wife and children of his own, educational status, his role in his father’s company or his assets at the moment.
As for inheriting Dangote’s wealth, that would be left for the world’s richest black man on earth to decide.

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Credit: Nigeriainfopedia

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