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#MondayMotivation : How 30-Years Old Entrepreneur from Surulere Helped 3 African Presidents Get Elected

Adebola Williams


#MondayMotivation : How 30-Years Old Entrepreneur from Surulere Helped 3 African Presidents Get Elected

Adebola Williams on GYOnlineNG

#MondayMotivation : How 30-Years Old Entrepreneur from Surulere Helped 3 African Presidents Get Elected

Monday Motivation: Is an inspiring section for very individuals that want to aspire big thing in life. In this week edition, I will be sharing with you inspiring story of Adebola Williams, a 30 Year-Old Nigerian entrepreneur who helped 3 African presidents get elected.

My motivations story today, is about a young man raised from Surulere part of Lagos state, while his formative years were spent on the street of Agudu and Adelabu area of Lagos. According to him, he said that he took life at his hand at year 14, as he refused the environment to deposed or determine who he want to be in life.

In this session of Monday Motivation, am going to share with you short biography life story of Adebola Williams.

Who’s Adebola Williams : Adebola Williams was raised in one of the Ghetto area of Lagos-State, and he further spent most of his formative years at Agudu and Adelabu area of Lagos. Adebola Williams is a TV producer, an actor, a journalist, public speaker, media mogul and a youth development expert.

At age 17, Adebola began co-presenting Youth Talk on NTA Network. He was also presenter and associate producer on a business television show, Economy Watch, also on the NTA. When he reach age 19, he moved on to be full-time producer of rave TV show Nigeria International, which showed on AIT International, NTA Network, Ben TV in London, Silverbird TV, MBI and online on In this role, he was responsible for highlighting Nigerian life around the world from a balanced perspective, getting hard interviews from the ‘high and mighty’ and discovering exquisite locations across the country.

Co-founder of Statecraft Inc, Adebola Williams

After several years as TV producer, Adebola meet his business associate Chude Jideonwo, and found RED Media Africa. Williams co-founder RED alongside with Chude Jideonwo. The company is 11-year-old parent company that houses StateCraft Inc. It’s a network of four media companies focused on Africa’s youth: Red Media Africa, a Public Relations company working in West Africa for FACEBOOK, Uber, Union Bank and Heineken; Generation Y!, a TV and online content company with one of Nigeria’s most popular online newspapers and The Future Project, a social enterprise that hosts Africa’s biggest youth social change event, The Future Awards Africa.

Over the past 10 years now, Adebola Williams‘s led Statecraft Inc has gave birth to 3 elected African president. The company head the media campaign of former president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan in 2011, follow-up with emergency of President Muhammadu Buhari who has contested 3 times for the post of Nigeria President and recent one is the Ghanaian president, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo who has contested also three times for the post of Ghana president.

“This is the man with the golden touch,” Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo excitedly told a guest in full glare of jubilant supporters and an observing press. “Anything he touches turns to gold.” 

He is talking about Adebola Williams, chief executive officer of StateCraft Inc, the communication agency that helped power Ghana’s three-time presidential aspirant to a victory this time, becoming President in January.


Adebola Williams

He is not exaggerating. Williams, only 30 this year, has turned out to be the continent’s leading authority on winning elections, running a governance communication company that won the presidential elections in Nigeria in 2015 and then won the presidential elections in Ghana in 2016.

Both elections are eerily similar. Both incumbents, as Vice-Presidents had stumbled into public office based on the deaths of their principals. Both entered into office on a wave of wild popularity. Their opponents had run at least twice each before (three in the case of Nigeria’s Muhammadu Buhari) – and both had won in the years that they brought in StateCraft Inc to manage their political communication. Both campaigns ran on a ‘Change’ message.

“Because the conditions were so similar, it was easy to replicate a message of ‘Change’,” Williams says during an interview. “Not every election and every context will require a message of change, even though it’s a global movement. “But many countries in West Africa and across Africa are ripe, even desperate for change.”

Adebola wrote this on his Instagram wall with caption below : I was RAISED in SURULERE where YOU were told PATIENCE is a VIRTUE and BEARS many GAINS. My FORMATIVE years were SPENT on the STREETS of AGUDA to ADELABU. I had HOPES and DREAMS just like YOU And was READY to GIVE all it TOOK ARMED with RESILIENCE and FAITH in GOD. I TOOK my LIFE into MY own HANDS at 14, I REFUSED to LET my LOCATION determine my SITUATION, so I TOOK on a DISPOSITION backed with RELENTLESS actions that would LEAD me to my DESIRED position. I made SACRIFICES and PAID several PRICES Kept POUNDING and even THOUGH the YAM looked TEMPTING, stayed HUNGRY for the GOAL was to EAT it POUNDED.  THIS is WHERE we @redmediaafrica are AT 30 BUT it TOOK a 16 year JOURNEY. I TURN 31 on THE 7th of MARCH, now I’m OFFICIALLY old and I NEED to JUSTIFY that AGE to MYSELF so again WITH the GRACE and POWER of GOD, a PARTNER that is IRREPLACEABLE and a TEAM that’s the most BLESSED and COMMITTED, we MOVE onto the NEXT! I was RAISED in SURULERE where YOU were told PATIENCE is a VIRTUE and BEARS many GAINS.

Quote Credit : Forbes 

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