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New Music: Download Full Album of MI Abaga’s ” Illegal Music 3 ” Mixtape


New Music: Download Full Album of MI Abaga’s ” Illegal Music 3 ” Mixtape

MI Abaga -- Illegal Music 3

The president of Chocolate City and arguably the biggest rapper from Africa continent MI Abaga has released his highly anticipated third and final mixtape titled ” Illegal Music 3 ”.

The Illegal Music 3 marks the third mixtape by the talented and respected rapper after his previous project “Illegal Music 1” (2009), and “Illegal Music 2” (2012).

According to him, there’s also another mixtape planned for release this year titled “ Yung Denzel ”.

According to M.I:

“At this stage in my career and life, finding the time to record another Illegal Music was purely a labor of love. I hope that Nigerian HipHop will rise and claim its place at the table on Hip-Hop’s mount Olympus.

I would like to see a lot of rappers remix and recreate the song ‘The Box‘.

The team was GPLUS, Ckay and I. And I want to appreciate them for their love in making this ‘FREE’ project. LOL.

Fortitude, T3WMF, Black Child thank you. Yoye Hayba, thanks for being the A&R on this project. Toda Kafang, you are the greatest thanks for pushing me always. CC I got you always. TMXO and Yung Kheengz thank you for your contributions.

To the fans.. I love you #LoveYours.”

Download Full Album of  MI Abaga‘s ” Illegal Music 3 ” Mixtape.

  1. The FinaleJames BlakeRetrograde’, Martin Luther King Jr.

    Download MI Abaga — The Finale


  2. Everything I have seenJustin TimberlakeMirrors’. Download MI – Everything I Have Seen [Prod. G-plus x MI]

  3. Black Bill Gates ft Kaligraph JonesBeyonceFormation’ Download MI Abaga — Black Bill Gates Ft. KhaliGraph Jones

  4. All Fall Down ft PoeLeon Else ‘All Fall Down’. Mike Tyson Interview (Youtube)

    Download MI Abaga — All Fall Down

  5. Notjustok/SavageBurna BoySoke’, Rihanna ‘Needed Me’, Greg Hardy Interview (Youtube)

    Download MI Abaga — NotJustOk/Savage

  6. NumbersPusha T ‘Numbers on me’, Kendrick Lamar ‘Blacker the berry’, Jay Z and Angie Martinez (Youtube) Download MI Abaga — Numbers

  7. Head Of The Family Jay Z ‘Head of the family, Kanye West ‘Never let me down’, Vin Diesel ‘Fast & Furious’ Download MI Abaga —

  8. The Box ft Pryse, Clay – Tay ‘The Box’

    Download MI Abaga — The Box Ft. Pryse & C.Kay

  9. Sedi Nina Simone ‘Seems like I’m never tired lovin you’ Download MI Abaga — Sedi

  10. Remember me ft Ruby Gyang – Lynyrd Skynyrd ‘Free Bird’ Download MI Abaga — Remember Me Ft. Ruby

    Download, Listen Live and Share .

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