A Musicians Journal… OlasumboA Musicians Journal… Olasumbo

The Lockdown Was The Center Of Creating My New Single Says Olasumbo

It’s a sunny day and after many attempts to break through the now resumed traffic, I arrive at my destination between being tired and excited.

Perhaps I am trying to readjust back to the struggle of being stuck with so many human beings after spending the first six/ seven months of the year with just 3 human beings, the coronavirus is gradually blending into our day to day normal activities and life is creeping back into normalcy.

I must confess it’s had it’s a toll on the art too but music and musicians evolved through its tough reign, musicians had to create alternative means to execute the art. As my host steps into our meeting arena, a sun flushed but calm, cool, and lacking in human living space, I can most definitely feel the impact of the pandemic.

As excited as she was, I could still notice her body language shouting out loud with caution…so in starting out our discussion, I had to quickly calm her down by asking this very funny and tricky question.

Olasumbo, did you ever get to see a corona test result?

She quickly said no, I reached for my bag, pulled out a piece of paper, and handed it to her. She looked at it in awe and with a sigh of relief splashing her face, as I stretched to take back my corona test result which is obviously negative; I dive into our very short discussion.

As an artist, I have never had things simplified this much, the craze of being busy, the attachment of being on the fast track to success, it all just vanished and put things into perspective. What used to matter, meant nothing, everything changed and it helped me in particular to appreciate the concept of human coexistence. It helped me understand love better.

The Lockdown Was The Center Of Creating My New Single Says Olasumbo

As an interviewer. I pay more attention to the psychology behind whatever is being said than the intellect behind it and I must confess that I could feel the intense and very deep place from which these words come from.

After an important phone call break, Olasumbo paused, and with a big smile on her face, she screamed, I have a new song coming out pretty soon and it is titled, Love.

I guess she could not keep it to herself again after being locked out of action for this long. This new record is a very personal one and it features MTN Project Fame Alumni, Adetoun, I am super excited to share new music with the world.

I strongly feel like we are in the right place to fully understand this song, considering where the world is now. The song was perfectly written by Donyom and Mr. Time who also produced it.

Working with this pair as a producer and songwriter combo has literally taken my artistry to the next level and I see greater things in the future.

Just before I could get into the crux of my interview, Olasumbo was already on her feet, she was super late for another equally important appointment and as I looked at my wrist, I discovered that I had kept her waiting three and a half hours behind schedule.

Corona effect, schools now resumed and I am struggling to fit back into normalcy.

Olasumbo was such a calm persona; this no doubt made me unaware of my struggle with reality. This interview is definitely not over…another place, another time.

It’s all Love!

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