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Is Nigeria Independent 1960 a Curse #Nigeria53

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Is Nigeria Independent 1960 a Curse #Nigeria53

I was having a chat with one of my friends on national discussion about few days ago before the independent day celebration. The next person listen to our discussion now ask us this question  ” Is Nigeria Independent 1960 a Curse” to the nation or not.– Me and my friend were silent for any answers to the question. About few days ago the great nation nigeria marks it 53th independent Anniversary.  Before moving forward i will like to remembered and appreciated the struggles of out past heroes for the 1960 independent from the British empire — the struggle of our past heroes, the late Alhaji Ahmadu Bello (The Saudauna of Sokoto), Obafemi Awolowo, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Aminu Kano, Tafawa Balewa and the rest that have dead for the independent of this great nation. But the great nation is still stagnant and millions of nigeria are crying and suffering of poverty.

With self acclaimed Giant of African and most popular black nation in the world. My country is a country where you will see markets women or hawker men or women on the street and Okada man that will tell you our National anthem rigging tone ”E Go Better” for how may years are will going to wait to see that.  Few country that have their independent after us are no more underdeveloped country by world bank or united nations reports. It just about few month now that the nation will mark it 100th years centenary Amalgamation in 1914. The nations marks his 53th independent without ligths in most part of the country.

Is Nigeria Independent 1960 a Curse #Nigeria53

I know what bring this kind of question from that of my friend– friends is that the nation is not moving forward in any sector except the struggles of entertainment industry in nigeria. What will can see or say is that various nigeria public holders officer or politicians as embezzled Nigeria’s resources to the detriment of the nation’s development.

Failure in Educational Setor- Going to be 3 month that ASSU as been on strike and federal government have not reach agreement with academical staffs committee.

Poor social infrastructure:

Power Supply: Reports was released in 2011 that nigeria Power supply as reach 4,517 megawatts but it was unfortunate that the power supply have miserable move backward to 3,300 megawatts by April this year. But Mr president is still promising Nigerians that the power supply will reach 15,000 by 2015 less than 2 years now.

Corruption: Most people say will are king in this field. Corruption as erect the nations to the level that thieve go dey shout Ole (thieve).  Many of nigeria public officers and private officers are good in this aspect , not to talk about the cyber crime called Yahoo Yahoo.


The Insurgence of Boko Haram: Boko Haram as become international issues that many of the elite scholars are calling for Soviet National Conference. Even recently Senate president David Mark speak on it and Mr President even create to space for it on his Independent Day Speech on Oct 1st. This terrorist Sect have being doing evil in northern part of the nation by killing thousands of innocent people’s and burning of properties.
• High rate of unemployment(Reports suggested that Nigeria’s unemployment rate for the year  2011 is at 23.9% with youth claim  unemployment rate at over 50%)
• And all other issues facing the nation ?

As i finished this article, my candid honest prayer request  for  the great nations Nigeria remains better leadership, peace and unity.

Once again i will put the question to you — Is Nigeria Independent 1960 a Curse #Nigeria53

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