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Precisely this time around yesterday, News broke out from the presidential Villa Aso-Rock, that Mr president as approved  anti-gay law bill into Nigeria constitutional. Anybody that caught with any act related to that will be sentences to 14 years in imprisonment .

Since then social media as being buzzing, some celebrities stars, politicians and citizens of the nation as speaks their own mid about the trending  issues. Some turn themselves to be advocacy for gay right right while other show their support for gay right bill my president. Here are few Nigerians Reaction to Prohibited of Gay and Sentence Penalty by Mr President

Barely about few weeks ago, renowned American businessmen mogul Richard Branson, declared of not having any of his business in Uganda because of their of the country’s “dreadful anti-gay laws” While nigeria rapper eLDee Support Gay Right “Anti-Gay Sentiment”.

Former Minister of Aviation Femi Fani-Kayode, is know for being speak to hottest trending naija scoop and he share is own side of view to this issue.Anti-Gay Law by Femi Fani-Kayode


Another Nigeria singer Jodie, express her own side of view on this trending issues. She show her own side of view in parable way.Singer Jodie

Tosin Bucknor

TV/Radio personality Tosin Bucknor, also share her own side of view to recently gay bill by presidency. Tosin Bucknor on Gay rigth  Since yesterday know various people as come with different opinion about this issue, another is Nigeria rapper & businessman Ruggedman, feels that their is more issues in the nation than passing anti-gay laws by Mr President.

Rapper Ruggedman




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